What’s in my Hospital bag

What's in my hospital bagIt’s time for me to get my hospital bag packed. If nothing else, this shouldn’t be something you are doing while running out the door while in labor…. or leaving up to your significant other!! Every weekend that passes is a reminder of how much closer we are to meeting our sweet baby! It also scares me half to death because procrastination is my middle name. I am almost 35 weeks and the count down is on. The nursery might not be painted, we haven’t bought a stroller and many other vital things….. but I wanted to make sure my Hospital bag was ready to go!What's in my hospital bagYour labor can begin anytime after 35 weeks on, so if your close and holding out on packing, its time to get a move on! At this point in your pregnancy there are enough things to worry about, your Hospital bag shouldn’t be one of them. Truthfully, I don’t remember what I had in my bag 7+ years ago when I delivered Mason. I do remember that most of the things I brought, I didn’t need, and the things I really needed…..well, I didnt know to pack!What's in my Hospital bagFor an overpacker like myself, trying to fit everything I need in one bag scares me. Let’s be honest, no one wants to be the pregnant gal rolling down the hospital hall with 2 suitcases, 5 pillows, a large tote and a diaper bag! Truth is, I want to be, I just wont allow myself and Brian would never let me! With that being said, I am making sure everything I am packing is absolutely neccesscary for me and the baby to have while there.

I have created a checklist for all your expecting momma’s to follow! Im sure it’s not perfect but I can rest easy knowing that I have most of my bases covered!


  • A great tote that can hold a lot of stuff – I can not recommend this Barrington Gifts Tote enough. They come in a ton of prints and monograms. They are super cute and can be used after delivery for a diaper bag.
  • Nursing Bra’s – I grabbed these two from Amazon Here & Here.
  • Robe – I haven’t found the perfect one yet!
  • Comfortable Pajamas – These are the ones I got and they are so soft. I know they will be comfortable.
  • After birth underwear – They are going to be life changing. Kate from For The Love of Fancy shared these and I am so happy to have these. unlike the actual hospital ones, these ones come in sizes!
  • YETI– Cold water and ice chips might be all you can have for a while during the labor. This cup will keep it cold for hours.
  • Push socks– These aren’t necessary but they sure are cute! They come in a ton of sayings.
  • Coming home outfit – Comfort is key. I will probably be bringing my maternity leggings, oversized tee and sneakers.



  • Makeup bag– I found this one on Amazon and it is the perfect size with dividers.
  • Dry shampoo – Because who knows when your next shower will be.
  • Makeup removing wipes – Neutrogena makes one of my favorites.
  • Hair ties – I recently recommended these ones in my Sephora sale post. Will certainly be bringing them with me.
  • Makeup – I kept it simple with; foundation, bronzer, eyebrow pencil, and under eye concealer.
  • Face wash – TULA purity cleanser has been what I have been loving these past few months.
  • Face Lotion – TULA day & night. What's in my hospital bagWhat's in my Hospital bag



  • Car Seat – Chicco sent us the Chicco 2 Fit and we absolutely love it. Its an Amazon best seller and has amazing reviews.
  • Swaddles – We grabbed these neutral ones at Target.
  • Bows – Ok, these aren’t necessary either, but since we will not be finding out the gender everything we bought has been gray or white. We need some way for people to distinguish if it’s a he or a she!!
  • Pacifier – The hospital does supply these but every baby has different preferences and these Dr. Brown Lovey seems to be a fan favorite.
  • Coming home outfit – I stressed so much about this with Mason. I thought it had to be perfect. Something cute and comfy is all that is needed. Old Navy had tons of cute gender neutral pieces that I picked up.
  • Newborn cap. mittens, and booties – still haven’t grabbed these but they are basics you can find at Target or Carters.
  • Nursing pillow – This is essential for getting down that breastfeeding if you plan too. The Boppy is great.
  • Onesies – 3 or 4 should be enough.

What's in my hospital bagWhat's in my Hospital bag


I know that was a long one, but if there is  good time to be prepared I think this is it! For months I read posts and started to build my hospital bag for baby’s big arrival. Hoping this can help you feel at ease when packing, and you found this helpful. Thank you for stopping by and we are so excited that the big day is finally coming near!

Thank you so much Barrington Gifts and Chicco for sending the perfect pieces for Baby B’s arrival!


My name is Gretchen Michelle. A fashionista, coffee lover and mom who believes in living life to it's prettiest potential through fashion, beauty, and health.

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