Wedding Wednesday

Today for #WeddingWednesday I wanted to share some of my pictures, venders and a few things that made my day extra special. After a long engagment and when we found out we were expecting we knew it was the time to tie the knot! I also know that marriage isn’t about the day, but more importantly the days, and years that follow. Being married these past few months have been nothing shy of amazing. We had waited so long for this. Even if everything on our wedding day had gone wrong (which it didnt) I knew I was marrying the right man!Wedding Wednesday  As some of you might know, Brian and I were engaged for 4 years before deciding to pull the trigger and plan a wedding in 10 weeks! It was a crazy few months but I truthfully wouldn’t do it any other way. Why did we wait 4 years? Partly because we kept waiting for the perfect time – never happens and second – planning a wedding scared me half to death. Looking back on June 9th, everything was absolutely perfect.Wedding WednesdayIf you know me, you know how truly indecisive I am! Planning my wedding in 3 months was actually a blessing in disguise. It forced me to make those big decisions and not stress about the small stuff. When it came to vendors for my wedding I was able to get all the ones I wanted which was incredible in the short time frame. I was able to find the perfect wedding dress on serendipitybrides and it went so well with my rustic wedding theme. The hardest part was finding a venue. After weeks of searching we had very few options available for our June 9th wedding date. We decided on the rustic Rockport Golf club.Wedding WednesdayWhen you pick your bridal party make sure you choose girls who support you. It’s easy to think you have to choose certain family members or the person that had you in their wedding! Don’t fall victim to that. One of the best parts of my whole wedding planning and day was the amazing group of girls I had by my side! Every single one of them went above and beyond for me. They all offered something uniquely special. I don’t think I can ever completely express how grateful I am for all they did in the short time. I’m blessed with some of the most incredible girlfriends in the world.Wedding WednesdayWedding WednesdayThis day in age it is very common to live together before marriage. Brian and I even built a home together prior to our wedding. Something I highly recommend is to sleep at seperate places the day/night before. Brian booked a suite at the Beauport Hotel for me, and  Brian and Mason had a special boys only night at our house. Even though it had only been 36 hours since I had last seen him, my heart skipped a beat when I saw him waiting at the alter. A few days after the wedding Brian even said to me “I am so happy we did that, it made seeing you on our wedding day that much more special’!Wedding WednesdayI knew this day would be special for us, I never realized how special it would be for Mason. Mason is rather shy and opted to not walk down the aisle at the church. I feared how he might react with the crowds, long day, and having to wear a suit (he only wears gym clothes haha). Mason came out of his shell and literally had the time of his life. He danced the night away and gave the most heart felt speech. Watching Mason enjoy himself and knowing he will always remeber it was truthfully one of our biggest joys.Wedding WednesdayWedding WednesdayBeing a fashion blogger, I knew one thing – one dress will not be comfortable for everyone! It was equally important for my bridesmaids to feel beauiful on my day, as it was for myself. I allowed my Maid of Honor to choose a dress that she thought fitted her best. After trial and error we went with the Anthropolgie Ginger convertible dress for the bridesmaids. This dress could be tied over 30 ways and allowed everyone to choose a way they felt flattered them best.Wedding WednesdayWedding WednesdayWedding WednesdayWhen you think about your wedding day you won’t remeber how the food tasted, who couldn’t make it, and what went wrong -You will remeber how you felt, how you loved, and how lucky you truly are!

Next week l will do a whole blog post on my top 10 tips for planning a quick wedding. I have recieved so many questions about vendors, flower girl dresses etc. Below I have listed them.

Photography – Alissa Cucuru 

Florist – All Purpose Flowers

Hair by – Kaica Pratt weddings

Makeup – Laura Ventimiglia 

Flower girl Dresses – Olivia Kate Couture

Bridesmaids Robes – Color Champagne

Sleep Masks – The sleepy cottage ( customized )

Anthroplogie – Ginger convertible Maxi dress






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