White demin: how to style it for winter

NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!!! How many times did you hear this growing up? I remember going shopping for school clothes with my mom and I didnt dare ask to try something on, if it was anything white. People acted like wearing white after labor day may or may not land you in jail. When did it all change… I’m not really sure, but I am so happy it did. I started seeing fellow fashion bloggers, and people on the street rocking their white denim, and I didn’t think twice. It goes with everything which is a plus, and can be styled a ton of ways.

These white Abercrombie jeans fit like a glove. They have the perfect amount of stretch, and when you wear them 3 times with out washing them(we all do it) they fit just as good as the first time. Im only 5’3 so finding pants that fit right in the length is always a challenge. I tend to have alot of luck with Abercrombie, Express, and Topshop. To add, this sweater is sooo cute! I love anything with texture, and this eyelash knit makes me very happy. It really brings so much life to a rather basic piece. Ummm, and it was only $10! SAY WHAT?!!

I hope I was convincing enough to make you want to bust out your white jeans this season. I promise you will not get in trouble with the fashion police! Will your Grandmother get mad… Probably! Speaking of Grandmother’s, mine passed a few years back. She always dressed very proper, turtlenecks with cardigans was her go-to. She loved any kind of loafer, and I believe I only saw her in jeans probably five times my whole life. The point of my story is, when she passed I took her Land’s End raincoat. It is yellow with white plaid on the inside. Everytime I wear it in the rain I can smell my Diddle (thats what I called her). I wish I had taken more of her timeless pieces. She really was amazing… even when it came to fashion!


My name is Gretchen Michelle. A fashionista, coffee lover and mom who believes in living life to it's prettiest potential through fashion, beauty, and health.

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