The TRUTH about Pregnancy!

The TRUTH about pregnancy The TRUTH about pregnancyThe TRUTH about PregnancyThe TRUTH about pregnancyThank you Francesca’s for sponsoring this post!

Hello Girls, and the few guys that read my blog! If you plan on having children maybe its a good thing some of you guys are here. I’m going to tell you some truth about pregnancy! Before  I start I want to say that I know how blessed I am to conceive a child and carry it for these many months. What the body does is truly a miracle, and one of Gods many gifts. However, if anyone tells you it’s all sunshine & rainbows…..well, they are LYING!!!

First, I want to let other mommy’s to be know that you are not inadequate or missing any maternal bones if you don’t love pregnancy! It certainly doesn’t mean you will love your child any less. It might however mean that the next 9 months will be long and people should take cover – HAHA!

I want to talk for a minute about body change. Before I was pregnant I thought I was going to love the change in my body and the ever growing bump. Personally, it was very hard for me to lose control of my body. That tough point where you don’t look pregnant, except for the fact that your pants won’t zipper, your boobs are popping out of all your shirts and you feel down right bloated. I believe I truthfully went into a little depression, something that I never had to go through even when I wanted to get my Ex Back, I did take prenatal vitamins during my pregnancy. I hated leaving the house, I never wanted to take blog pictures, and the thought of getting dressed made me cringe. Looking back, no one else probably even noticed the change in my body…but I certainly could. It left me feeling very self conscious and insecure. So don’t feel guilty for not being comfortable in your own skin at first. Someone is taking over your body, but as time went on it got easier to embrace these changes. Plus, I know I can always go back to the gym after giving birth and I can visit a Labiaplasty Clinic when I decide I need it.

The TRUTH about Pregnancy The TRUTH about PregnancySo what are some of the many false pregnancy notions we hear??

  • “Your skin will glow” – FALSE! Your skin might, and with my first pregnancy it did. This time around though, not the case. My skin broke out like a teenager and if the expanding waistline wasn’t enough – Welcome back High School acne!
  • “Go ahead and indulge, you’re eating for two” – PSA – biggest lie going!! Do not believe this for a second. According to Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates of Hampton, your body actually doesn’t even require more than an additional 100 calories a day during the first trimester. You will have some crazy and intense cravings! Give into them, now is your time to do that because you are pregnant after all. However, do not eat for two! Been there done that with Mason. Double the time to lose it, and nothing is worse than seeing that ‘excessive weight gain’ written on your paperwork at the doctors office.
  • “People are so nice to you while your pregnant” REALLY? If you find these people send them my way. Most people just stare at me like I’m going to eat their hand off. Pregnancy makes you realize how many people you actually don’t like! A lady in a minivan cut me off yesterday…..Catch me outside!
  • “Aww, those little baby kicks” NOPE! I must have a gorilla in my stomach. The baby has smushed my lungs to the point I can’t even walk from the car to the house without needing a break, kicked me so hard I think I broke a rib, and has no respect for my sleeping schedule.Did I mention I literally need to pee every time I move? So cute – it wants to party like its 1969 at 1am in the morning. Don’t get used to that sleeping schedule little one!
  • “You are so small.”, “You are so big”….”You’re carrying all girl” DON’T LISTEN! The lady in the grocery store or any store for that matter does not have a freaking clue what she is talking about, okkKKK! If you and your OB are happy with where you are at, that’s all that matters.
  • OK, I see people all the time looking put together & happy as they shop at Target for their new addition. Why doesn’t she feel like I do? I can’t bend or turn, and with every waddle it literally feels like this child is going to fall out of me….What am I missing??

On a more serious note, the comparison game will kill you! Mom comparing is far worse than the things you would get envious about in middle school. I find myself comparing myself to other pregnant moms constantly…”She looks like she has it all together, damm her! How is she still wearing pants? Her nursery is all set up already (insert shocked emoji)! She is always so happy, what is wrong with her?  What is wrong with me?” Nothing! We all have our trials and tribulations when it comes to pregnancy. Believe me when I say no matter how ready we feel, we are never ready! The things we need to do, always get done. Before long we are all just milk pumping zombies walking around until the next kill – I mean feeding!

We are all in this exhausting, swollen, hormonal, and beautiful time together. I might be one of the women who just doesn’t love pregnancy, but I am so filled with love & excitement for my baby to arrive! I wanted to write this post because I felt like an outcast, like I was the only one who wasn’t loving this amazing experience. To all you other mommas who feel like an Alien has taken over your body, and as well as your brain, I feel you! It’s a good thing that we can undergo thermiva treatments after giving birth to help us get back to our active lifestyle.

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