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Anyone who lives in New England knows how long winter is, and how good it feels when that warm sun hits your back for the first time all season(it happened to me today). That being said, it felt so good to get out by the water and take in the beautiful view I missed. The fact that I don’t need to dress like the younger brother on “A christmas Story” is enough to make me smile. I don’t know about you, but rompers are an essential in my warbobe. They are a whole outfit in one,  which is great for getting ready in a flash, or when packing for a trip. When spring time rolls around picking up a few new rompers is always high on my list. The prints, materials, and cuts of these essential staples are endless. There really isn’t a look you can’t create, or an occasion you can’t use these for. It still is only in the 60’s and 70’s here in Boston, but I didn’t let that stop me for busting out this piece. A light cardigan or jean jacket (mine is also OldNavy) can make this perfect for the cooler days and nights.



When I saw this romper on Old I knew I had to have it. I have been loving Old Navy lately, especially since they carry petites. The material makes it left fussy then some of the other ones I have, which makes it the perfect kind to dress down with converse or simple sandals. Don’t get me wrong, I love a romper that I can dress up with heels or fancy wedges, but I needed that simple one. This one hit all the check marks I was looking for.  I needed one that was comfortable, something I could wear all day out on Family adventures. I was also after a fun print so I could keep the rest of my look simple. And last, a perfect fit with nothing hanging out, if I had to take off running after a little one everything would stay in place (learned this the hard way).  This romper came in other patterns and I’m hoping they still have some available. The straps are adjustable which is a plus. I found that neither button works for me, I decided to criss-cross them in the back and it was perfect. It actually made for a cuter look if you ask me!DSC_2714

Summer in New England is so beautiful, I can barely wait for all the festivities that are headed this way. I live in a small town called Gloucester, we have Fiesta in the end of June. If you are in the Boston area you need to check it out. Beach, Bbq’s, weekends in New Hampshire, fried clams and corn on the cob. There is so much fun to be head these next few months. I can not wait to share both the good times and super cute outfits! Remember we are all Beautiful, and a Smile is always the best accessory!!

Xo  Gretchen Michelle

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