Learning to Love Yourself

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I thought it was a good time to talk about learning to love yourself. These past few years I have finally started to feel confident in my own skin and because of that I have made major strides in life, my relationships, with how I feel about myself…but, I am still learning! No one is PERFECT! Seriously, start by knowing that the highlight reel we all show on our Instagrams daily is just that!! So this Valentine’s Day I am encouraging you all to LOVE yourselves first!

It wasn’t until I started to except my imperfections and embrace who I am and what I did have to offer that I was able learn how to love myself. I love that I got my Dad’s sense of humor, I love that I am kind, trustworthy and try my best to be a good mother, wife and friend! It was around the age of 30 that I realized I could spend all my energy on what I didn’t love about myself, and trust me there was a lot…..or I could put that energy into what I did love about myself.


learning to love YourselfLearning to love YourselfLearning to love YourselfLearning to love Yourself

I recently heard this quote and it changed my perspective a lot “Stop worrying if other people like you. Do you like you?¬†

First, I want to talk about self care. I saw a huge shift in how I preserved myself when I started to make time to get to the gym, eat healthy, and carve out more Me Time. If getting your nails done every week makes you feel good about yourself – Do it! If it’s something else – Do it! Being happy and confident are huge parts of learning to love ourselves. Sunday is the only day of the week that Brian is home. If we don’t have something planned as a family I take some time for myself. Wether it’s a trip to the mall, a few hours to nap, or spend time with friends! We all need some R&R to be our best selves.

This might sound cliche but it certainly has some truth – Don’t beat yourself down with negative thoughts. We are so quick to tear ourselves up about everything we aren’t, didn’t get done, or aren’t good at. Instead take a few minutes to think some positive thoughts. Don’t get me wrong there are more days than I like to admit where I allow my stinking thinking to get the best of me – I ate awful today, I never followed through on what I said, etc. It’s about being able to realize your negative thoughts and shift your mindset. What did you accomplish? What made today great? Every day might not be great, but there is something great in every day – I love that quote!

What other people think of you, is none of your business!! I used to think this was crazy. I mean, it’s certainly my business, isn’t it?? Then I started to realize the only person I need to worry about is myself. The only person I should care if they like me, is ME….and well, maybe my parents! But screw everyone else! The day I finally started to understand this, and let go and stopped worrying about what other people were thinking of me……Well, That was one pretty amazing day! Buh-Bye HATERS! This is especially hard because I am always putting myself out there and because of that people believe they can say whatever they want to you because they are behind a screen. Truth is, because I share a part of my life does not mean you know every aspect of it. If someone were to attack me on social media it says more about them, than it does about myself!

The last thing that has really helped me learn to love myself is knowing my worth! This is sooo important! With my line of work it’s soo easy to compare yourself to everybody else – believe me I do it all the time. However, it’s knowing you are just as worthy as anyone else to be happy. Something good happens and what’s the first thing you say “I don’t deserve this”! Then something doesn’t quite work out for you and you go “I wasn’t worthy of it anyway’ ……..UMM, we are all worthy, and deserving of all the great things that happen to us! We all have qualities that make us stand out from others! Know your worth girlfriends, and NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS!

I am not about to act like I love myself all the time. I have days where I just feel YUCK…for all different reasons. I will say that I am the happiest I have been with myself, well, probably EVER! I don’t know if this comes with age, or what but my 30’s have been some of the best years yet. So give yourself a break, stop beating yourself up, and love the life you live….and most importantly learn to love yourself¬†because you are amazing!



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