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zaful lace up sweater

winter neutrals, wearing and styling neutralsLACE UP SWEATER: Zaful c/o / PANTS: Abercrombie / OTK: Nordstrom/BEANIE: B.P./ WATCH:nordstrom (similiar)

COLD SHOULDER TOP: Abercrombie/SUNGLASSES: Ray-ban /SNEAKERS: vans/JEANS:Old Navy/SCARF: Goodnightmacaroon/

Hey it’s my first fashion post of the New Year! I thought I would talk about my love for neutrals. This doesn’t just apply to my closet, but I pretty much love neutrals in every area of my life. I spent the first week of January cleaning out and organizing EVERY THING!  When it came time to start on my closet, I knew that fuchsia sweater was getting the boot, and that tenth neutral sweater I have been eyeing was taking it’s place. This year it’s all about surrounding myself with people, places and things I absolutely LOVE!!

These past few months I have been keeping track of what I tend to grab for most, and what I never seem to wear. After my little study a few things became clear:

  1.  Whites, creams, grays, and browns always get chosen first.
  2. When I buy a sweater in a fun color to “change it up” it NEVER gets worn.
  3. As long as all your neutrals are different materials and textures you will not look repetitive
  4. If you’re going to spend money on something, buy it in the color you wear most often. That is how you will get price per wear, down. (helps to justify a big purchase)
  5.  Who ever said you couldn’t wear white in the winter, 1. had no taste 2. clearly never owned a great pair of white denim.

I have stopped trying to bring in different colors for variety since I just don’t wear them. Not only is it a huge waste of money, but it takes up a lot of room, and lets get real, I have many more purchases to make and I NEED that space!!

These two sweaters are a few of my go-to’s. They are both neutral but have a little bit of visual interest. The cut out shoulder and lace up detail make them stand out from other tan and gray sweaters I have lining my closet. I love fall/winter fashion and with all the layers and scarfs, it’s so easy to add interest with different knits, leathers, and faux fur to change up the look of your favorite go to pieces!  One of my insta-buddies, Rachel, from Pinteresting Plans is the perfect example of neutral wardrobe perfection. She never strays from her love of muted colors, and always looks fabulous! Don’t forget to check her out after you finish reading this. If Rachel isn’t the queen of neutrals, then I don’t know who is!

If your scared to go all fifty shades of gray in fear you will always look the same, you have nothing to worry about. I have actually found that sticking to my favorite color palette actually gives me more pieces that are interchangeable and can be worn together. I try to add print whenever possible. Leopard is one of my favorites. I have flats, hats, scarfs, and belts in leopard and they are perfect when your sticking to a neutral outfit. Stripes are always in style, and playing with textures are key. So stop buying something in a color you don’t love. This year Im only buying things I absolutely love, even if its all neutral!

Xo~ Gretchen
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  1. 1.11.17
    Jessica said:

    Neutrals are the best because they can be styled so many different ways and they look great with bright pops of color! Love your sweaters!
    xo Jessica

    • 1.11.17
      livinglifepretty said:

      thanks Jess! I am totally with you, love a fun pop of color!

  2. 1.11.17
    Kim said:

    Great looks! I’m loving neutrals lately too, as well as white denim this time of year. This is encouraging me to clean out my closet- really need to get rid of the things I know longer love!


    • 1.11.17
      livinglifepretty said:

      Thanks so much for reading Kim! My rule is, if I haven’t reached for, or wore in 6 mnths I probably won’t!I feel so much more inspired when I LOVE everything in my closet.

    • 1.11.17
      livinglifepretty said:

      Thanks Kim! I am loving white denim this winter also! I feel so inspired when I absolutely love everything in my closet!

  3. 1.11.17
    Camille said:

    I love both looks but the lace up sweater is so dang cute!! You look great.


    • 1.11.17
      livinglifepretty said:

      Thanks Camille. I can’t get enough lace up either! Its super affordable too!

  4. 1.11.17
    morella said:

    omg i love leopard print so the hat was definetly one of my favorites also the camel boots!

    • 1.13.17
      livinglifepretty said:

      This hat is my favorite this season. Since I stick with neutrals, this adds a little bit of fun!

  5. 1.12.17
    Molly said:

    Thanks for sharing about your love of neutrals! You’re so right that it’s nice that they can match everything. It’s got me thinking that I need to buy more neutral clothes because your right that the bright colors don’t get worn as much.

    • 1.13.17
      livinglifepretty said:

      Hi molly! I know when the summer rolls around I will be more willing to wear color, but as for this season Im sticking with the neutrals! glad you enjoyed the read!

  6. 1.12.17
    Meaghan said:

    Gretchen, I’m totally on the same page as you! Neutrals are my absolute fave and I tend to gravitate towards black, white, and grey. It really is so much more cost effective to buy what you’re going to wear. I love these sweaters you have on and the way you keep things interesting with textures and patterns.

    Meaghan xx

  7. 1.12.17
    rosie said:

    loving the neutrals . . .you styled them amazing!

    Life is just Rosie

  8. 1.12.17

    I completely agree with you about winter whites! I love my white denim! Also, that camel scarf is gorgeous and looks so warm!!

    Evin Elizabeth

  9. 1.12.17
    Kristen said:

    This blog post was made for me! Loving the neutrals with a slight pop of something to make it the perfect casual outfit!!

    xoxo, Kristen

  10. 1.13.17
    Steph said:

    Your tips are on point!! Also, your photos are gorg. Great post!

    Steph xx

  11. 1.13.17
    Stylehue said:

    Happy New Year ? I love both looks. I’m also a neutral girl. I also try to add patterns whenever possible like you, just to make my looks more interesting!
    I most say you are sporting the best accessory #coffee


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