Bump Update- 25 Weeks!


#25 week baby update #25 week baby update #25 week baby update #25 week baby update

#25 week baby update

Hello, gals! So happy to be back after my months of MIA. I feel awful about it and missed it so much. Life has been so hectic but it’s finally starting to slow down. That’s until baby Burke gets here in October. Less than 15 weeks and we get to meet this little bundle. So far my pregnancy has been super easy with very little complaints…knock on wood! The biggest change with this pregnancy, as opposed to Mason, is how fast it has gone by and damn restless leg syndrome.

How far along: I am currently 25 weeks! My due date is the 2nd week in October.

What we are having & Names: Brian and I have decided not to find out what we are having. Before we conceived we had agreed on this. Since we had already made the choice prior we were both on board and haven’t struggled at all with our decision! As far as names go, we have narrowed it down and will be sharing after the birth.

How am I feeling: Truthfully this pregnancy has been a breeze! There are a few things I could do without though. I have struggled with the restless leg syndrome since I was 12 weeks…it makes it impossible to sleep. Since I am almost out of my second trimester I notice that I am getting tired again, and peeing like every 2 mins! As far as my emotions I am back to my normal self. The first 3 months of this pregnancy I found myself to be very depressed, and pretty much an emotional crazy person. I was over the moon to be having our second child but my body chemistry just wasn’t allowing me to feel like myself. They aren’t lying when they say the 2 trimester is the golden time.

My current cravings: The second-trimester haven’t been too bad. My appetite isn’t half as big as it was the first. I’m still loving popsicles, subs & sandwiches, diet ginger ale, and toasty cheez-its! I get full really quick but could literally graze all day.

Aversions: Coffee….. which stinks because I could use a bucket of it daily! Miss sweet tooth over here still can’t enjoy sweets or ice cream! I know, what pregnant person doesn’t like sweets??? Probably one who lived off sweets since the day I got pregnant with Mason! Sometimes I feel like I want something, cook up the whole thing and just can’t eat it. I’m always indecisive but this has gone to a whole new level.

Exercise while pregnant: I have tried to maintain a regular workout schedule. With my busy life, I have been slacking more than I would like. Prior to pregnancy, I would run 6-8 miles 6x a week. Currently, I’m sticking with 3-4 miles on the elliptical or incline on the treadmill @ 4.2mph 5x a week and incorporating weights.

Body changes: The bump is really starting to pop! My boobs are starting to feel like concrete again, and I seriously feel like I’m borrowing someone else’s chest. I’m noticing stretch marks (insert sad face) but nothing crazy. I didn’t get any with Mason and they are heredity more so than anything else. Seeing your body change is hard whether pregnant or not. I know my body is doing amazing things but I still struggle with the person I see in the mirror. When I talked briefly about this on IG stories so many of you related to this. Hoping to do a pregnancy body change post shortly.

These past few months have been so crazy. I feel like I haven’t been able to enjoy my pregnancy quite as much since life has been non-stop! It has finally started to slow down and I can’t wait to enjoy these last few months expecting, being a wife, and my last summer with only Mason. So much has changed, and so many more changes to come. However, these have been without a doubt the best few months of my life. Thank you for following along despite the lack of posts. You guys truly are the best XOXO.

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