Amazon Fashion – Fall Edition

Amazon Fashion - fall fashion

Amazon Fashion – Fall Edition….Say what?? Yes, you heard me correctly! This is all from Amazon. I know you guys love Amazon, and the fashion is no exception. Not only is there so many cute, fun, fall pieces but I also threw in some look-a-likes that you won’t want to miss. I love all seasons……..but Fall is without a doubt my favorite. It just awakens me in a way I don’t feel the rest of the year. Also, isn’t fall fashion the best??


Ok, so I know amazon has everything, but their fashion just keeps getting better. They have so many cute sweaters it’s seriously hard to narrow it down. However, when shopping on Amazon I highly recommend reading reviews. This fall I am actually blown away with their shoe selection. Do you have an Amazon fashion purchase that you absolutely love?

Let’s first talk about the Steve Madden look-alikes! These flats flew off the shelves during the Nsale but down fret…. Amazon has your back. The dupes are almost identical. If you ask me I prefer these ones better due to the color and material.

Fall and hats go together like peanut butter and jelly. I love, and collect hats during this time of year and some of my favorites are from Amazon and under $20. Not only are they affordable and cute, they are great quality.

I can’t stress how many cute fall pieces I found on Amazon. Fall fashion is my favorite to dress for and love that so many pieces are under $30 and literally arrive at your doorstep in 2 days….sometimes less! Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. below I have linked all the Amazon fashion pieces I have and love, and others I have my eyes on.




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