5 Tips to Keep a Fitness Routine

c5 tips for Keeping a Fitness Routine5 Tips for Keeping a Fitness Routine5 Tips for Keeping a Fitness Routine 5 tips for keeping a fitness routine5 tips for keeping a fitness routine by livinglifepretty.com5 Tips for Keeping a Fitness Routine

Happy Tuesday everyone! It’s a new year, which means new things for so many of us. The regular list of things we want to improve on in the year ahead. January is halfway over, but I still wanted to write about my fitness goals and how you can also achieve them using supplements that increase testosterone levels.

I’m going to talk about my top 5 for keeping a fitness routine, and how I turned workout dread into a routine. The past 7 years I haven’t missed more than 2 consecutive days in a row from working out unless I was traveling when I spend a lot of time doing recreation activities with vehicles like this quad bike road legal in the UK.

I started out really slow by walking at a 4mph on my Dad’s treadmill in his garage after having Mason. It wasn’t easy, I didn’t see immediate results and I dreaded EVERY single minute of it. Fast forward 6 months in, and I actually enjoyed it. I felt guilty when I didn’t get my butt moving. Years later, I am still going strong and run 6 days a week up to 7 miles a day.

5 Tips for Keeping a Fitness Routine

5 Tips for Keeping a Fitness Routine

  1. For me, this is the MOST important for keeping a fitness routine is to go to the gym first thing! If I don’t, I come up with a million reasons why I don’t want to. I wake up, suit up, and show up! Whether you are a morning, afternoon, or night person, pick a time of day and try to stick with it.
  2. Get your workout on for 21 days. You can take 1 weekend day off a week, but other than that you need to be there. It takes 21 days to form a habit. Once getting to the gym becomes a habit, you won’t have to think twice and that makes it so much easier.
  3. INVEST in gym shoes & clothes that fit. I have been an avid runner for 6 years now and only run in Asics. I also try to buy workout clothes that I love and feel confident in!
  4. Find a Podcast or playlist. I only let myself listen to my favorite podcast like “The Influencer’ by Julie Solomon and ‘Dirty John’ & ‘The Balanced Blonde’ while I am running on the treadmill or Stair Master. Sometimes, I don’t want to stop because I want to finish the episode. An extra 15 minutes of cardio a few days a week really adds up, to learn about other positive effects it has you can learn from our fitness coach expert, her comment is here. The next day I am eager to listen to the next one, and I actually find myself excited to get to the gym!
  5. Reward yourself for a job well done! You wouldn’t go to work if you didn’t get a paycheck at the end of the week. Maybe you buy yourself a new workout top, or maybe you get a manicure. At the end of the week “treat YO self”!

If you have any Tips for getting your butt to the gym or sticking with a Fitness routine please leave it in the comments to share with others



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