5 Things I Regret not doing this Pregnancy

Happy Tuesday everyone. Today on the blog I am sharing 5 things I regret not doing this pregnacy. If your expecting, this post is perfect for you! There is so much to think about from the moment you find out you’re pregnant. These 5 things while help you not make the same mistakes!


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First, can we talk about maternity clothes, especially jeans. Why didn’t I start wearing them sooner? Believe me when I say… go grab some great maternity tanks, leggings and especially jeans! Early on in my pregnancy I walked into a maternity store and purchased my first pair of maternity jeans and I just didn’t love them. I should have known that just like regular jeans, all maternity jeans aren’t created equal either. A few weeks back I found this pair from Motherhood Maternity which has completely gave me faith that great ┬ámaternity jeans do exist for us expecting mothers. O-EM-GEE having good maternity jeans are life changing. Do not wait as long as I did to find a great pair!!

Another regret of mine was not taking more actual bump pictures. I wish I had documented my baby bump while wearing the same leggings and top from early on. As I mentioned in a previous blog post it took me a while to get comfortable with my ever changing body. As I look back its crazy what the body does and wish I had embraced it sooner. Make sure you document that growing baby bump…you might miss it!

How about those cravings? I spent more time trying not to give into them…..and truth is they always win! Pregnancy is 10 months of hormones, discomfort and complete loss of control over your body. With that being said if you want to stop at Chick-Fil-A Every day..do it! A half dozen cannolis.. done! My nearest Chick-Fil-A has been closed for renovations these past 4 weeks. I consider that both a blessing and a curse.

I wish I had spent more one on one time with my husband. It’s easy to forget how those long sleepless nights while affect you. They usually cause a lot of bickering and leave little to no time for each other. Now is the most important time to keep your relationship strong and healthy. Try to squeeze in as many date nights as possible while you still can. ┬áSince the moment you find out try to include your significant other in all the pregnancy decisions…well, unless he is begging you to have a natural child birth- Hahah!

RELAX… SLEEP…and PAMPER. I wish I could take my own advice and do this. We planned a wedding, built a house and moved all while being pregnant. Life is finally slowing down and all I can do is nest. Last week I painted 3 whole rooms and wondered why I felt so exhausted. Life is about to get busy to say the least. When you have a chance to binge watch your favorite TV show or take that nap…DO IT!

It sure is crazy how fast..and how slow these months of pregnancy go by. Do yourself a favor and enjoy it…wear good maternity jeans. Give into your cravings while sitting on the couch relaxing and take lots of pictures. Even though I have these few regrets these past 9 months have been amazing and I cant wait to meet my baby.

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