What Motherhood has Taught Me

What Motherhood has Taught Me by Boston mom blogger Living Life PrettyWhat Motherhood has Taught Me by Boston mom blogger Living Life Pretty

What Motherhood has Taught Me by Boston mom blogger Living Life PrettyWhat Motherhood has Taught Me by Boston mom blogger Living Life PrettyWhat Motherhood has Taught Me by Boston mom blogger Living Life Pretty

What Motherhood has Taught Me by Boston mom blogger Living Life Pretty

What Motherhood has Taught Me by Boston mom blogger Living Life Pretty

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Can you believe we are already almost half way throught 2017, crazy RIGHT!! What a perfect time to talk about what Motherhood has taught me. I could probably write a list of things not to do more easily, since I swear I have done them all! I am by no means a mother who “has it together” but I have lived it, and loved it for six years.

My son Mason is 6 years old and is 100% crazy boy. He never stops, like really NEVER stops. After thinking children were not in the cards for me, having Mason will always be the best thing to happen us. Exhausting, challenging, rewarding and amazing are some words I woud use to describe Motherhood. Mason suffers from some disabilities that makes our jouney different from others. However, because of these challenges I believe it also makes it even more special.

Unconditional love: This little boogerface can throw a car through our brand new tv, poop on the floor and flush my only car key down the toilet….and I still love him, it’s amazing. You love them so much it hurts. The expression “I could eat them” clearly came from a mother, because sometimes I literally have to stop myself. Then again, other times I literally have to stop myself from losing my mind. Motherhood is usualy a whirlwind of different emotions, but LOVE is and always will be the strongest.

Pick your battles: Seriously, don’t waste what little energy you have on every little battle. I know we all want our children to dress how we want them too, eat all their veggies and behave like the little Angels we know they aren’t. The reality is if you can achieve just one of those you deserve a gold star. For instance, if Mason wants to wear the same gray sweatpants again, fine, if they are clean and he is happy, gray sweatpants it is! Clothing is one of our biggest fights. I have accepted that everytime we leave the house he will be wearing the same sweatpants, old sneakers and Red Sox tee shirt. It took me until recently to accept that we are not going to look like the Beckhams when we head out.

Kids are DIRTY: With their abilty to create messes and my OCD will always be an internal  struggle. I spend at least 7 hours a day cleaning, vacuuming, washing, wiping, folding, changing the list goes on. A few hours later……It is time to repeat. Mark my words, I will NEVER EVER buy another piece of white fruniture AGAIN!! I can’t tell you how many rugs, couches and chairs my son has destroyed. You will learn a happy child is more important than a clean house (except when your mother-in-law comes over)

Mothers Intuition: Mothers intuition is a thing, and will be your most important guide when you become a mother for the first time. I remember hearing my Mother say “moms always know” and I firmly believe that. You have to listen for it though. When Mason was three and  four I would talk to the Doctor about his behavior, and I would always get “he’s a boy”. He was the doctor so I didn’t question even though I knew it was more.  After switching doctors and a few tests it became clear I had been right. Doctors know a lot, and its important to find one you love, but no one knows your child like you do!

Superheroes do exist: Have you ever watched Superman and thought to yourself how amazing it would be to have super powers? Fast foward to Motherhood and..Tada! Mothers are Superheroes. Whatever we have to do to protect our child we will do! Whether jumping across a building, swimming into a shark infested water, or something as simple as functioning on less then 2 hours of sleep for the first 6 months of your babies life. You will continue to amaze yourself. Never ever underestimate yourself. You will accomplish the unthinkable.

Motherhoood changes you: I know, we all think we are going to be the same cool person, just with a child! I dont know much, but I can promise motherhood will change you. I can also promise it will be for the better. Every decision you make affects that little life, and you will  think twice. You will grow and learn because that little bundle will teach you more than you could ever imagine. You will be more patient (most of the time), you will wear your seat belt, and you will probably begin to think 10 p.m. is a really late night.

To Live in the MOMENT: This might be one of the most important. When your up rocking that newborn for the fifth time late one night, you will think to yourself how nice it will be when they sleep straight through. In 18 years you be will wishing you could rock that newborn ALL NIGHT LONG! Everyone told me it goes by in a blink of an eye and they meant it. Every single age is magical and special for its own reasons. I know being a mother, if I could have one wish it would be to freeze time. As hard and challenging as motherhood is, it will always be the most important role. The love for my child is unparrallel to any other emotion I have ever felt. Enjoy every late night, cuddle them every morning, and live presently in every moment.

What Motherhood has Taught Me by Boston mom blogger Living Life Pretty

I could go on for days about what motherhood has taught me. I could also go on for days about all the things I don’t know, how much I probably do wrong, and how many times I have given in to make my life easier. We all do it, trust me! I am kind of the easy going pushover, while Brian is the disciplinary, but I am working on it. I am pretty sure I bribed Mason with ice cream and a few other things to get him to shoot these pictures with me. Most days are tough, long, and dirty. The days are long, the weeks are longer, and the years are short. You will always be their Mom and that is without question the best gift you where ever given. Stop for the ice cream now and then, and never under estimate all you do!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers out there!



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  1. 5.9.17
    Kenya said:

    Omgggg yesssss all of this is so true!!my daughter is 14and my son is 4! Best believe I have learned all of those things!

  2. 5.9.17
    Christine said:

    I can relate to everything you said! I have two kids, currently 2 and 6 months. Life is ca-ra-zee! I wouldn’t change it for anything.

    • 5.9.17
      livinglifepretty said:

      What magical ages! It is the hardest, and most rewarding job ever. Happy Mother’s Day

  3. 5.9.17
    Carly said:

    I LOVE that dress on you! So feminine and pretty. I’ve never ordered anything from Chicwish. Going to check them out. Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. 5.10.17

    This dress is stunning! I love it!

  5. 5.10.17

    You look stunning in that dress – it’s gorgeous! Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  6. 5.10.17
    Mary said:

    this really is the most gorgeous dress, and i love your earrings too!

  7. 5.11.17

    this is sUper adOrable and sweet! you are looking fab in that dress too!

    ♡Courtney Bentley || http://www.courtneyvioletbentley.com

    • 5.11.17
      livinglifepretty said:

      Thanks courtney! Motherhood has certianly changed me for the better. Thank your for reading.

  8. 5.11.17
    livinglifepretty said:

    Auntie Bean you have been a huge help though all of this. Thank you so much for always being their! Cant wait to get these picture framed. Happy Mother’s Day. Love you!!

  9. 5.15.17
    Bridget said:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE this dress and how you styled it! So fabulous.

  10. 5.15.17
    rizelle said:

    Happy mother’s day!! such a beautiful photo!

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