What 2020 Has Taught Me

what 2020 has taught me

STOP….Did someone just say 2020 is finally over?? I mean, not that I need a reason to dress up and celebrate, but what the actual heck was that? If 2020 had a Moto “Surviving, not thriving” should probably be it. Even though it was one dumpster fire after the next, 2020 gave me a beautiful baby boy, a healthy family, and taught me a whole lotta things.

Today…..I dedicate this post to all 2020 gave me. Not what it took away (that would be a really long one). So sit back and listen to some of the life lessons I will hold near and dear to my heart.

What 2020 has taught me

What 2020 has taught m e

  1. Quality over Quantity …Except when it comes to toilet paper. I feel so fortunate to have the friends and family that I do during these times. It’s not about money or material things, its truly about having a supportive kick ass pod that are willing to move mountains with you.
  2. The Fridge is NOT your Friend – I mean, yes….it’s always there when you need it. However, it certainly doesn’t have your best interests at heart. I logged more steps to the fridge than anything else during quarantine.
  3. You can get sick of wearing sweats – I know, I said it!  I cant believe those words are coming from my mouth but I am so ready for a wedding to rock some formal wear.
  4. Zoom is an incredible thing – I would be so happy to never have to use Zoom again for as long as I live. However, until this is all behind us I can’t stress how important it was to see my loved ones when I couldn’t physically be with them.
  5. Mental health is JUST as IMPORTANT as physical health – I struggled with anxiety in my early 20’s. For the past ten years it was something that I didn’t have to deal with in my day to day life. However, this year I struggled with it once again. I realized I needed to spend time getting mentally healthy as well. This is why I started exercising daily to calm my mind while using legal steroids to boost my body.
  6. Appreciate the “Little” Things – However, the littles things certainly seem big now. A simple Friday night at my parents with my family will never be taken for granted ever again.
  7. Negativity will spread quicker than any virus – Last years Pandemic made it hard, but what came along with it…..that certainly didn’t make things any easier.
  8. Birthday Parades aren’t really that cool – Don’t get me wrong, I love that it was a way to celebrate a special day for someone….but if I NEVER have to do another drive by birthday again, I won’t complain.
  9. The “Home Improvement’ projects are NEVER getting done – If being quarantined for 10 months doesn’t push you to complete those tasks you have been dying to ‘find time to do’……nothing will, so move on!
  10. You are STRONGER than you know – This one truly resinates with me. Never ever doubt yourself. We will be tested, broken down, days when you are not sure if you can keep going….and we will always get back up stronger. I had a baby during a pandemic, homeschooled my son with learning disabilities, and had to be quarantined with my husband ( yes, we are still married hahah) and fought many personal battles….to anyone reading this – YOU GOT THIS!

Wow, what a year 2020 was. As hard, challenging, and different it was it taught me many lessons that I will carry with me for years…..like, I will always have a toilet paper stash (kidding, kinda). There were days when I thought I would lose it if I was asked for another snack…but we made it! Cheers to 2021. Thank  you for being here. On my hardest day I can’t tell you how grateful I was to have this community.


My name is Gretchen Michelle. A fashionista, coffee lover and mom who believes in living life to it's prettiest potential through fashion, beauty, and health.

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