Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her

Valentines gift guide for her

Happy Tuesday! Yes, I am aware that Valentine’s Day is this Friday……but things that been CRAZY around here. Have you told your SO what is on your wishlist? I know I haven’t gotten around to it yet but I know some of these items I would love to recieve. Many of these items are Amazon Prime – gotta love 2 day shipping. Also, the other items are available by 2/14 with 2-day shipping.


I wanted to start by talking about the Daisy Rose totes and bags. I love the quality and they are now available at Walmart. They have such a similar look to the LV bags we all love and most are under $30.




Love the YSL Lipsticks and this heart design is perfect.  It was too cute to not add to the Valentine’s day girls gift guide.


These slippers have over 3k amazing reviews on Amazon. I have never met a girl that didn’t love cute & cozy. They are under $25.


The SMEG appliances are always on my wishlist. They have so many cool options. Personally, I have a hard time pulling the trigger on them so I always ask for them as a gift. This kettle is under $150



These are the sunglasses that I got last summer and have far been my favorite….until I sat on them. They are what I am asking Brian for this Valentine’s Day.


If you don’t own an Nespresso Machine, now would be a great time to ask for one. This is the own I have had for a few years and I’m such a fan. They have so many styles and price ranges. After much research this is the one was decided on.


I didn’t know Apple earbuds were something I needed in my life until……well, I got them! It is so nice not have wires connected and the sound is great. They are on the pricer side but so worth it.




Amazon has so many cute Apple Watch bands. They are so affordable and love this print.


Im a sucker for sneakers and I love Adidas! These ones are so comfortable and they come in a bunch of colors. I always size down a half size.


Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries. These ones arrive prime and you can order tons of different counts.


So, thats a wrap, but dont forget to get Valentine’s day flowers along with the gift you buy. So many cute items for this Valentine’s day gift guide. Is it just me or was January was the longest month ever…and February is flying by. Hope everyone’s week if off to  great start. We are battling all the bugs, colds, and gross germs over here. However, Brian and I will not be missing our annual V-day dinner at Pellana Steakhouse. I already know what I am getting to eat… Pregnancy problems!


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