Top Makeup Products I Cant Live Without!

Top Makeup Products I Cant Live Without by Boston beauty blogger Living Life PrettyHey, girls! I have been getting a lot of makeup questions lately. Actually, LivingLifePretty was started as a beauty blog! The Nordstrom Beauty sale is going on so most of these products are on sale! I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of my top makeup products with you.

I am a MAKEUP enthusiast! Seriously, I love me some makeup. When new products come out I’m always first to give it a try. There are tons of great products out there, believe me.  Over the years I have fallen in love with tons of amazing brands both high-end and drugstore, but very few become HOLY GRAIL status(click here)!!

What is Holy grail makeup products you ask? The products your absolutely positively can not live without. Over the years very few get that seal of approval. I love trying new products, so to make it on my top makeup product list you have to be pretty freaking amazing!

Top Makeup Products I Cant Live Without by Boston beauty blogger Living Life Pretty

Laura Mercier setting power: On sale for $32, and this stuff will last for months. I use this when I have a long day or big event to keep everything in place!

MAC lip liner in Spice has been my go-to for most brides, and of course myself. I have no lips so lining them is essential. This is the perfect MLBB color.

NARS deep throat is one of my favorite blushes EVER. NARS always gives their blushes such dirty names, hah. I have been wearing this since I was 21, so over a decade. So this is certainly one of my most repurchased makeup products ever.

MAC lipstick is a product I have been using it for years. Is it just me or did you feel like you really made it in the world when you purchased your MAC lipstick when you were a teenager, HAHA!

I am in love with HOURGLASS Ambient lighting powders. The give the best lite from within glow (kinda obsessed)!

Estee Lauder DOUBLE WEAR is da I can’t tell you what to do but if you’re looking for a foundation give this one a try.

ALL NIGHTER spray is literally hairspray for the face. If you’re looking for a product to keep everything locked and loaded for a big event or wedding, this is it!

This MAC eyeshadow is the best color to use as a transition shade. I apply this below my brow bone and above my crease every time I do my eye makeup.

BEAUTY BLENDER is the best makeup tool you will EVER own! I knew this was going to be one of my top makeup products the first time I used it.

URBAN DECAY  concealer is one of my top 5 concealers to date. ON sale for $32!

The original NAKED palette will always be my favorite(on sale $42). Although I haven’t repurchased it a lot, I literally reach for this all the time. However, I have heard amazing things about the new HEAT palette that is currently on Sale too.

Last, Benefit HOOLA BONZER! This is one is certainly one of my top makeup products without a doubt. This is the perfect shade for most skin tones and it’s on sale for $24!

Anastasia BROW WIZ is the perfect pencil for filling in your sparse brows. This is a top makeup product and one I absolutely can not live without! Comes in a bunch of colors.

If you read my blog post for 2016 you will see not a lot has changed! Check out my makeup post (HERE) and (HERE)!

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