Tis the Season with Scotties Facial Tissue

Scotties Triple Soft 3 ply tissues

Tis the season! In our home we are currently struggling with allergies, sneezing, and postpartum hormones….pass the tissues! What makes you feel like you are really crushing the #adulting aspect of life? For me, it’s getting excited over new appliances, using an eye cream, and discovering things like scotties Facial tissues…..tell me I’m not alone!

Scotties facial tissues in the new Triple soft 3 ply tissue

Today on the blog I’m sharing a product that I didn’t know I needed, and now I don’t think I can live without it! I hate to admit this but until recently I thought all tissues were created equal…. Not the case. Gosh, my children even think a sleeve is acceptable to wipe their runny noses on- GROSS! The Scotties new Triple Soft 3 -ply tissue is perfect for protecting those kiddie germs and dirty surfaces. If these past few months have taught me anything, it’s how important it is to keep these germs at bay by having the right products for every need.

Scotties facial tissues in the new triple soft 3 ply tissue

Scotties facial tissue in the new triple soft 3 ply tissue

As we enter allergy season I’m happy to report I will currently not be sporting the Rudolph nose this year… can I get an AMEN!! Scotties Facial tissue offer high quality at a great value. Since I’m wiping noses more than I would like I’m so happy to have a soft, gentle facial tissue that works. Also, have you ever wiped a 2 year olds nose… not the easiest thing but these tissues have ended the full blown wresting match that used to take place. Madelyn has even been letting me since Scotties facial tissue are so soft.

Scotties facial tissue in the new 3 ply tissue

You know what else I am loving about Scotties Facial tissue… the cute packaging! I love that the boxes come in a variety of cute and stylish prints to match my home decor aesthetic. With pollen counts through the roof, they are in high demand around this house and I have no problem leaving them out in all necessary rooms.

Scotties facial tissue in triple soft 3 ply tissue

With the state of the world, allergy season, and postpartum hormones…… let’s just say we are really putting these Triple Soft 3-ply facial tissues to the test. We ┬ábusy mommas need all the cuteness and convenience and these are just that. Adulting is hard… you can’t decide if you need a hug, an XL coffee, or 2 weeks of sleep… so I’m gonna make it easy – pick up Scotties new 3-ply facial tissue on your next trip to the store!


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