The Perfect Bootie to Transition into FALL

These fall booties are a great transitioning piece and come in 7 colors

The perfect fall booties to rock now and straight through fall for under $100

transitioning your wardrobe over to fall fashion with one piece at a time.

My favorite fall booties for the Nordstrom Sale.

With the weather changing its times to start rocking some fall fashion. Booties are a great shoe to start wearing today.

Fall booties are a great way to start transitioning over to fall pieces

The perfect fall bootie you can start weaaring today.

fall fashion is my favorite. That is why I love these fall booties I can start wearing today.

Wether we want to admit it or not, summer is coming to an end. All the fall fashion I purchased from the Nordstrom sale has me ready for cooler temps. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that the kids go back so early, August now seems like September? Could it be that I am rocking fall booites in this #OOTD?  Also, Chobani came out with their pumpkin yogurt. Yup PSL is starting its take over. What are your feelings on the PSL epidemic? Is it sad that a Chobani flavor is exciting to me, maybe a little bit?

Fall is my favorite season. Maybe it has to do with the fresh start that September brings, or the fact that I love fall fashion. I get a lot of questions about when it’s ok to start transitioning over to fall pieces. I say if your ready, go for it! No judgement here, this gal loves anything and everything fall related.

I recently uploaded a picture to my Instagram of some amazing fall booties РI am obsessed. A few of you messaged me about styling them, and if it was ok to start rocking booties this early. I say YES, YES and YES. These ones from Nordstrom can come out of your closests now. The low cut ankle and perforated design make these appropriate to wear even with warmer temps.

During the Nordstrom sale these came in 7 colors and I just couldn’t pass them up. These where the booties I called my local Nordstrom to track down a few hours before the sale ended. They were very different from others I had purchased, like my Vince camuto and Rebecca Minkoff ones! These were the perfect style to start wearing now with shorts and skirts, and straight through. Sometimes I forget how warm Septemeber and October can actually be.

When you’re ready to start transitioning fall fashion into your wardobe make sure your only incorportating one piece at a time. I wore this look to dinner the other night with Brian. The white jeans help to make this look more season appropiate – Don’t get me wrong I wear white denim all year around. This top is a dupe for the Self Portrait one that runs about $400 while this version is literaly under $20.

We are in between seasons, so I am curios about what you would like to see? Are you wondering what’s on my fall wishlist or trends? Do you like simple #OOTD’s? Let me know! Happy Wednesday.









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