The Best of Beauty 2018

Happy Tuesday! I finally hit publish on the very requested Best of Beauty! I know we are half way through January but I had to round up my best of beauty and most used makeup, skincare and hair products for you all….. and there is a lot! This year a few of my favorites were actually products that made the list in 2017 {read HERE}! What can you say – I like what I like!


Best Lipstick – This Stila liquid lipstick is a repeat for last year and with good reason. They are some of my absolute favorite shades {Patina, Firenza, baci} and it stays put ALL. DAMN. DAY!

Best Mascara – Full disclosure – I have eyelash extensions and don’t need to apply mascara to my top lashes. With that being said, I’m probably not the best for this category. However, I do use this for my bottom lashes and it has really amazing reviews.

Best Under Eye brightener – I am pretty lucky when it comes to under eye bags ( not so blessed in the chin hair department) but I use this to brighten my under eyes and help me look awake. I have found this one covers great.

Best Blush – This blush is so buildable and the pigmentation is amazing. The duo colors make it great to achieve your perfect shade. I have been loving this the past 6 months and replaced the blush I had been using for 3 years straight – that’s saying something!

Best Lipgloss – This one isn’t sticky at all! Nothing is worst than your hair getting stuck to your lips. This also seems amazing, and works great.

Best Eye Palette – The past two years the Modern Renaissance was my most loved palette. I purchased this in hopes of loving it just as much. I sure did, and have pretty much hit pan on many colors. The color pigment is great and they are super blendable.

Best Bronzer – This is one of the products that has made my “Best of” list many times before. It’s the perfect color for bronzing and contouring. It doesn’t pull to muddy or orange like many bronzers I have tried.

Best Highlighter – This Charlotte Tilbury highlighter is the one I always reach for. I don’t use the bronzer in this duo (I stay true to Hoola). This highlighter isn’t metallic or glittery at all and give you the best lite up look on my upper check bones & cupids bow.

Best Brow Product – Trust me when I say – The Brows make the look! I had my eyebrows micro-bladed a few years back – best decicision ever! However, I am overdue for a touch up and had to start filling them in once again. This Anastasia brow pomade is the best product I have ever used on my brows. I use this brush to apply it. It stays all day and looks super natural.

Best Setting Powder – This is one of those products that I have used for years! It’s translucent and goes on easy without a cake-y feel. It is pricey but lasts forever. I used this to set my t-zone as well as bake my under eye & contour when I do a full face.

Best Foundation – Ok, I never hear anyone talk about this foundation and I don’t know why! This has been the only one I have used this year. A little goes a long way but it works amazing. It’s a fuller coverage and doesn’t budge at all. I sometimes mix it with my too faced. This Milk Blur foundation should definitely be on your wishlist. I have shade medium and light. I mix them depending on my complexion.

Best Primer – This one has been my ride or die for a very long time! I have used this on many brides/bridesmaids and it works great on so many skin types. Its great at blurring pores and helping to keep your foundation in place.

Best Concealer – If you haven’t heard me or some other blogger rave about shape tape you’re probably living under a rock. It’s just one of those amazing products that everyone (almost) tries and absolutely loves. I haven’t cheated on this concealer since day 1 – true holy grail!

Best face Mist – I have very dry skin and this Tacha dewy skin mist has been a life saver. I love how refreshed I look after a few sprays. It can also be used under or over your makeup. However if you are looking for one that locks in your makeup for hours – All nighter is my go to for events or brides.

Best Brushes – I have used Morphe brushes for some time now. The M439 has been one of the best foundation brushes I have found. It’s a rounded dense buffer brush and its AMAZING!┬áThe M536 is what I use for under eye concealer and the M510 is my favorite blending brush.

The best of beauty 2018! the best of beauty, skincare, and hair products by Boston fashion blogger Living Life Pretty


Best Face Lotion – I started using this brand back in June and I can honestly say I love the TULA line. This hydrating day & night cream has been amazing on my super dry skin. They also have the Aqua Infusion if you prefer a lighter face lotion.

Best Eye Serum – This product is amazing. Not only is it an awesome eye serum but it has a cool metal application tip that helps with puffy morning eyes! Can you say …GAME CHANGER!

Best Blow Dryer – This T3 blow drier has cut the drying time in half on my hair. I have been a fan of T3 products for a long time and this blow drier doesn’t disappoint. I love that it turns off when you set it down, and starts back up when you lift it. It’s great for people who blow dry their hair in sections like myself.

Best Brush – This Wet brush has been great for my hair. I use it when I get out of the shower to remove any tangles. It also works great on dry hair or wet hair which makes this my go-to brush always!

Best Curling Iron – T3 curling irons are the best! I am always raving about this curling iron. I personally like to stick with the 1.25 inch with a clap. One of my most requested posts is ‘How I curl my hair’..I promise it will be coming soon!

Best Zit Zapper – This Mario Badesco drying lotion is always in my medicine cabinet. It’s what I reach for anytime I have feel a zit coming on. I dip a q-tip into the bottle without shaking it and apply to my breakout. It’s pretty much magic.

Best Dry Shampoo – I use this when I need to extend between hair washes. I only wash my hair 1-2x a week so a great dry shampoo is a must. I spray it on to my roots and work it in. I usually let it soak in for 15 mins while I do my makeup, then I brush it out.

Best Facial – If you haven’t tried Drunken Elephant products yet you are missing out! This ‘Baby Facial’ is pretty much a facial at home. It leaves your skin super soft and refreshed. I love so many of their products but this one is certainly my favorite.

Best Shampoo & Conditioner – The Caviar Replenishing shampoo & conditioner has been a God send for my dry hair. I started to notice that many drugstore brands were leaving my hair waxy so. After reading a ton of reviews I picked this up. I have noticed such a different since using this line.

Best Hair Oil – I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t tried a lot of hair oils. However, I find this one certainly leaves my hair smooth and shiny. I apply a few drops before I blow dry and it has significantly improved my hair texture.

Best Face Wash – I used to love an abrasive cleanser. After my facial with the aesthetician mentioned I was over exfoliating. I switched to this soy cleanser and I have only had one zit since. I use this everyday and it is great at removing my makeup.

Best Face oil – This skin brightening face oil gives me dewy, glowing skin.I use it 2 -3x a week by mixing a few drops in with my moisturizer. It doesn’t leave a greasy feeling at all. Don’t know how I lived without this. It works wonders for my dry, dull skin!

Best Hair Ties – If you put your hair up to sleep, to work out….ever, you need these! The hold my hair but never leave a crease. They are a total game charger for someone like myself who goes days between hair washes.

Well girls, there you have it! All my best of beauty products of 2018. That was a long one but I wanted to make sure to include everything I used and absolutely loved. Hope you have a wonderful end of the week. Thank you for stopping by Living Life Pretty.


My name is Gretchen Michelle. A fashionista, coffee lover and mom who believes in living life to it's prettiest potential through fashion, beauty, and health.

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