Summer Snackin’ with Monster Pop

Well, we made it!  After the incredibly hard school year we all endured we should all give ourselves a little pat on the back! No more morning rush, night time homework, or lost library books……we have moved on to professional snack hander-outers! Am I right? These kids eat a lot of snacks!

Snacking is in high demand in this household. Which is why I always keep Monster Pop on hand. ok, maybe because I love it as much as the kids. We started our love for Monster Pop back last fall and quickly became the lunch box must have. Mason is a huge fan of the butter flavor, while Madelyn is here for the cheese.

We are very fortunate to live so close to the beach. We try to get there as often as we can. Monster Pop is always in our beach bag since it is healthy and natural – and my kids absolutely LOVE IT! Let’s be honest, only the household most loved snacks make the beach snack list….because no one is hungrier than a kid who has been playing in the sun and sand all day!


  • Healthy and Natural
  • Gluten Free
  • No high- Fructose corn syrup
  • Whole Grain

I know as a mom it’s my job to help them make good choices. Monster Pop makes my job easier since I am  giving them a healthy snack they ask for….Don’t tell them, hahah! As a mother we have a lot on our plates but helping them choose the right snacks just got a whole lot easier. You can easily shop on their site


With summer in full swing and the constant “Mom, Can I have a snack”on repeat… make sure to have Monster Pop on hand. From Mother to Mother, you might be hiding a few bags from your kids as well. It’s that good! If you haven’t  tried Monster Pop and have Snackin’ Monsters in your house I just let you in on a major mom snack hack. Happy Summer, Thank me later!

Click Here to find Monster Pop  near you!





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