Answering Your Relationship Questions

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone (ok, I’m a day late…SHOCKER)! I’m excited for todays blog post! I Love getting Brian to make an appearance, and it always makes me laugh. So today we are going to be answering some relationship questions that all of you asked over on my Instagram.

If you are new around here, Brian and I finally tied the knot last June after a very long engagement. He got me a beautiful engagement ring from this source. To do something fun for Valentine’s Day I thought I would answer some of the questions you have sent me regarding our relationship. We love to laugh, and he can always make me smile. I feel so lucky to have this man by my side……as long as he stays on his half of the bed!

today we are answering all the relationship questionsToday we are answering all of your Relationship Questions Today I am answering all of your Relationship questions Today we are answering all of your relationship questions Today we are answering all your relationship questions

Q: How did you two meet?

A: I was working at a Restaurant waitressing and every Saturday Brian would bring in his elderly  friend for dinner( Insert heart melting)! Seriously, it was one of the sweetest things I ever saw. You can read more about how we meet in THIS blog post and THIS one.

Q: Do you two fight a lot?

A: Brian is so lucky because I hate to fight. We disagree often, don’t get me wrong but I am not one of those people who will keep the argument going. I usually remove myself and within 20 minutes I am completely over it.

Q: Do you ever find your recovery to interfere with your marriage?

A: No, I feel very lucky that way. When Brian and I started dating we had no idea that one another was in recovery. I feel like this helps a lot when it comes to understanding the importance. However, we have never worked on our recovery together. Brian has almost 15 years and I have never been to one of his meetings. It’s one aspect of our relationship we keep completely seperate.

Q: You two always crack me up on stories! Are you two always laughing?

A: I wish! Hahah, ask us during the kids bedtime routine. No, but finding someone who could make me laugh was on top of my list of what I wanted in my husband. I love to laugh. We are always picking on each other but in a light and friendly way.

Q: How did you know you wanted to marry her?

A: I’m a disciplinarian, I’m a pain in the butt. Gretchen’s beauty had me from day one, but, what I wasn’t counting  on was her demeanor and personality. She is always cool, calm, and collected (i’m the complete opposite). The way she let’s things roll off her is exactly what I needed.

Q: What is your #1 advice for a good marriage?

A: Brian; Communication and giving each other space when you need to. Our biggest obstacles seem to be over parenting. Communication is definitely something that you need for your marriage to be successful.

A: Gretchen: Marry someone who you can stand to look at their face every morning – Hahaha! Marry someone who makes you laugh, a lot! Even in some of our most heated arguments we always find something to laugh at. Even if it’s each other!

Q: What is your favorite qualities in one another?

A: Brian; Her patience, sense of humor, and beauty. I don’t know a prettier girl than her and she is always happy.

A: Gretchen; He is so hard working. He would, and willl do anything for our family. His ability to go into a room and talk with anyone and make them feel comfortable is another quality I adore that about him.

Q: What do you two fight over the most

A: I can answer this for both of us, PARENTING! He is a disciplinarian and I am a push over. I choose my battles, he fights every. single. One.

Q:Does it bother you that she is always on her phone?

A: Nah. It use to, when she first started out. I just didn’t understand it. After I saw how seriously she took it I really started to understand. She is amazing with our son and daughter and does all the house  upkeep. Her phone is her job so I can’t let it both me. Besides, I would never win that fight!

Q: How old are you both?

A: Brian turned 40 this year. I am 33……but age is just a number right, hahah!

Q: Do you see yourself having more children?

A: This is a good one! Even we don’t know. We told ourselves we were done after Madelyn but we are constantly asking each other “What about one more” hahah. I feel like we are too old, even though I know we are not. Fun fact; My dad is 66 and my brothers are 11,9, and 7!

Ok, Last Q: You are going to a deserted Island, what 3 things does the other bring?

A: Brian; Gretchen would bring coffee, her robe (I hate that thing), and her toothbrush!

A: Gretchen; Brian would bring Miralax, baby powder – no chaffing, and his Electrical code book…he literally reads it before bed for enjoyment!

Thank you so much for reading!





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