Pregnancy Announcement & Bump Update

Pregnancy Annoucement & Bump Update

Pregnancy Announcement & Bump UpdateFirst, Thank you all so much for your love this past month as I try to adjust to the new home, and NEW ADDITION! For 18 weeks I have been waiting to share this pregnancy announcement & bump update with you all. Yes, our family is becoming a family of 4 come October. Trying to keep this a secret has been so hard. Brian, Mason and I are over the moon to share this with you all. Between the move, planning our very overdue wedding, and this amazing miracle it has been such a blessed few months.Pregnancy Announcement & Bump UpdateWe have been told by many doctors that for me to get pregnant would be a challenge, to say the least. So that morning when coffee was making me ill and my breakfast hating self-wanted an omelette and homefries, I decided to take a test at Pregnancy Resource Center in Portland to cross pregnancy off the list. Truthfully I just thought that I was so physically tired from the move. To my surprise the results were YES! If you suspect you’re pregnant, Pregnancy Resource Center can also provide you a free pregnancy test. Just follow the steps explained online on their website on how to schedule an appointment. Pregnancy Annoucement & Bump UpdateI believe that God works in mysterious ways. Brian and I had been dragging our feet about finalizing our wedding plans, and more children have always been something both of us really wanted. I’ve also asked my child’s pediatrician about the transition since our child might have a new brother or sister soon! If you’re looking for a reputable pediatrician for your child, then visit sites like I believe this was gods way of saying “the time is now”! Life is crazy, about to get a whole lot crazier and we couldn’t be more excited for the next adventure.Pregnancy Annoucement & Bump UpdateHow far along: I am currently 18 weeks and my due date is October. 15th.

How I am feeling: I have been pretty lucky when it comes to morning sickness. Thank goodness for that. However, I am so exhausted and run down. I could sit on the couch all day and not say two words. Truthfully, gaining weight has been hard for me. My jeans are starting not to fit and I would be lying if I said it wasn’t super hard emotionally to watch yourself grow out of your closet. At this point, it looks more like large lunch than an actual baby bump. Headaches have come back with a vengeance and I am pretty much a loose cannon (just ask Brian).

Cravings: FOOD, is that an answer?! I can’t get enough seltzer water, cereal, and sandwiches. A good sandwich and a cold drink are pretty much going down every day. I CAN NOT STOP eating, and that is not an exaggeration. If I go by someone on the street eating a salad, I NEED a salad. If someone uploads something on IG I will go get it. I Almost forgot… PIZZA! I am usually all about those sweets, not anymore!

Aversions: COFFEE, literally can’t even drink a cup which stinks bc I need all the energy I can get. I will say this has improved my second trimester. Ice cream which is one of my favorite things ever is a total No. I’m having a hard time eating food I prepare. My sweet tooth has totally swapped over to the salty side.

Body changes: I am definitely someone who gains weight all over. I am not one of those “all belly’ kinda gals. Well, at least with Mason that certainly wasn’t the case. My boobs have gone up 2 full sizes and are so sore. I have actually got a ton of DM saying ‘you’re boobs look huge” haha people probably that I got a boob job. Nope, just pregnancy chest. My skin is also the worst it has ever been, and I feel hideous! Maybe its a girl haha!

And guess what? We are those people who are not going to find out what we are having! I know, how can we do that, haha. It actually hasn’t bothered me at all. I am a neutral lover at heart so I am fine with stocking up on all the white & gray newborn cuteness. I am curious, did you find out or wait? Did you find it was harder the further you got?

Thank you again for the amazing outpouring of love from everyone over on Instagram. It truly made my day to be able to announce to the world. I have been eager to share this news with you all. It is exciting to bring this new dynamic to LLP. XoXo











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