Bringing My Postpartum Hair Loss Back to Life – Foligain


First, postpartum hair loss is a bummer! Second, my hair has always been one of features I loved about myself. Today I am talking all about how I brought my postpartum hair loss back to it’s roots (no pun intended) with Foligain.

Postpartum is just as tough as pregnancy and far less talked about. Postpartum hit me hard and the thinning hair just added to my laundry list of insecurities. Even if you are not experiencing postpartum hair loss this product is great for anyone who wants fuller, healthier hair & scalp. I mean – who doesn’t want that instagrammble hair we all swoon over?


Madelyn just turned 10 months old and I can proudly say I have my hair back! I might actually say it’s better than ever….seriously! ¬†When Madelyn was a few months old I caught a glimpse of my hair in a pony in the car mirror. I quickly pulled it out – No Way Jose! I had so much hair loss and thinning through my hair line. About 3 months back I started using these Foligain products and I truly believe great products create great hair and Foligain did just that! I still have bad hair days, but thinning hair – peace out! However, if your hair is worse than mine, then you might consider hair restoration. You can visit sites like to know more about it.


All about Foligain

  • Targeted for women with fine, thin fair
  • Revitalizing bioactive ingredients
  • Contains 2% Trioxidil: Triple action hair health complex for visible results
  • Gives the look of added volume & fullness to limp locks
  • Moisture-lock seals in nutrients and supports scalp health
  • With clinically studied ingredients
  • No parabens, sulfates or phthalates

Everyone uses products for color protection, shine & ¬†volume but have you tried one for thining hair and a healthy scalp? No, well…get on board. You can thank me later. Even prior to pregnancy I was always trying to get volume through styling products not realizing that a shampoo and conditioner geared towards thinning hair could do just that.

I have been using the Foligain Shampoo & Conditioner for my 2x hair washes weekly with the Hair & Scalp Roller. The roller is great for removing all the dead skin, helping the support of hair health serums. Did I mention its feels amazing and the favorite part to my shower routine? The Triple Action Complete Formula is a daily treatment that I love that stimulating supplement for thinning hair. I apply 4 sprays on my scalp 3 – 4 times per week before bed. This system is pretty much a game charger!

Well, I seriously can’t express how happy I am to have my hair confidence back thanks to Foligain. Not only am I combating my postpartum hair loss but I am stopping the thinning hair that comes with age. How come we lose hair on our heads but gain it everywhere else? I know…that’s for another day! Also, Foligain products can be found here or on Amazon!

Thank you Foligain for sponsoring this post!


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