Perfect Affordable dress for a summer wedding

the perfect dress to wear to any summer wedding

a must have dress for any special occasion

The must have dress under $70

This perfect dress in a showstopper and affordable

an affordable dress option for I have found the perfect affordable dress to wear to any wedding or event.

the perfect dress for any special occasion

I thought I would give you all a little break from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale talk. Don’t get me wrong, I am loving the sale but I felt like I needed to decompress for a few hours, atleast! As I looked over my list of topics to cover, this one really stood out. It seems at my age every other weekend I have some kind of event that requires me to kick off my daily sweats and pull myself together. How many weddings do you have this season?

“What do you wear to a summer wedding?”… I seem to get this question a lot. During the summer months I always opt for something flowy, loose, and breathable. Nothing is worse than a tight dress that clings to you on a hot day, or stinks to all the most unforgiving areas! When I think of summer weddings I envision pastel colors, blushes, lace detailing, pleats and a whole lot-a booze. Seriously though, while shopping the #Nsale I came across the absolute perfect summer dress for any wedding or event.

This dress is not part of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale so you shouldn’t have to fight for it too hard. Not only is it perfect for any special occasion, but it is also affordable and under $70. This perfect summer dress is the cutest champagne blush pleated midi EVER! I am only 5’2 and many midi dresses hit at a very unflattering length, but this one works for my petite frame.

Did I mention that this is also going  to flatter many different body types. Why is this perfect summer dress going to work for everyone? First, the pleats blur any areas you might want to hide while the elastic waists helps to hug the smallest part while creating some shape. This dress has a vneck cut and thick straps that makes this dress perfect for anyone with a larger chest.  If you lack in that department the pleats help to create volume for us less fortunate gals. I kinda like being flat chested….but i’m not sure if my fiance feels the same way lol.

If you are in the Boston area and trying to plan a wedding like myself (been engaged for 3 years) you should definatly check out the Hellenice Center in Ipswich, MA. Also, I want to thank you all for your continued support and love. You truly encourage me to grow and create amazing content that inspires you to live your life everyday to it’s prettiest potential. What would you like to see next? Beauty or Fashion-let me know!









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