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nordstrom anniversary sale

We are only weeks for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Guess what… The whole sale preview is now available (HERE). So you know I’m starting to form my wishlist. I’m getting really excited for some fall staples. Well, I’m actually just excited for fall in general. This sale is like the Super Bowl for shoppers and for good reason. You can’t just show up and win. You need to prep,  plan and play your best. If you haven’t read my post on all the important dates and what makes this sale so special, I suggest you do first (HERE).

nordstrom anniversary sale


So, after years of shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale I have some Tips & Tricks to help you snag all the things on your wishlist. For the first time ever the sale preview is sharing everything the Nordstrom Anniversary sale will have to offer this year. That means you should know exactly what you want, am I right? So Let’s lay out the ground work!

Nordstrom Anniversary sale -




  • First, …..sign up for the Nordstrom Credit card. This allows you to shop early access and have a much better chance of scoring all the pieces on your Wishlist, if you do not have the credit for it, at the link you can find the best services for credit repair. There is no annual fee and you receive $60 in Nordstrom Notes for signing up,  you will also get 2 points for every $1 spent which helps you rack up points for additional Nordstrom notes! Last year you didn’t actually pay with your card at checkout, however I’m not sure if that is the same this year.
  • The Nordstrom Preview is the way to create you perfect wishlist. Time to really figure out what you NEED. It’s easy to WANT it all…but by having a plan and creating a wishlist  you will hopefully be able to grab your top choices as well as avoid unnecessary purchases. I can’t stress how important it is to have a BUDGET.. and stick to it.
  • Another tip is to place a few small orders over one big one. Sometimes in the process of trying to fill a large order, a few items actually sell out. Yup, items are moving that quickly! Every order ships free so it won’t cost anything extra on your end.
  • SHOES – If you are eyeing any shoes from the sale snag them first. Every year without fail shoes are always one of the fastest moving items. If you’re looking for a shoe that can be worn any day, anywhere, anytime, visit a helpful like They always have amazing shoe options! Shoes, bags, and
  • If you are a Nordstrom cardholder you have triple point days available to you. Choose the day you plan to shop the sale to rack up points and receive Nordstrom Notes to shop with. This will save you money on top of the already crazy savings.
  • BUDGET….I know I touched on it quickly but Budgeting is important. The point of my coverage isn’t to have you buy things you don’t need, or aren’t within your budget. It’s awesome to be able to snag fall staples that you love for a great price. However, if its not your time to purchase that OK too. Their will always be another sale when the time is right!
  • Lastly, – LET ME HELP YOU! Covering this sale can be stressful but I truly love doing it. Helping you get everything your Nsale heart desires. Make sure to bookmark my Nordstrom sale tab at the top of my blog to refer back quickly. I plan to have a try-on session go live within minutes of the sale opening for Early access over on my Instagram. I will be creating collages of all the items to quickly shop on the App.

I love covering this sale for you all. I also know you girls love shopping it! I know it can be over whelming and my goal is to elevate that for you. I want to be a helpful resource, but never want you to feel pressure to buy something. Im sticking to great staples that I will wear season after season, year after year. Excited to make this years Nordstrom Anniversary sale as fun and stress free as possible for you!


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