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 Hello all you beautiful Mom’s, and maybe the few Dad’s that might have landed here. Today I am talking all about the ‘New Mom Essentials’ that will help make your life a little easier. Quite often I get messages with the question “how do you have it so together”? First, I love you all for thinking that……but, spoiler alertI really don’t at all! However, there are a few things I do that helps, and some essentials I have found to make my life sooo much easier!

I plan to do a more in-depth blog post on my day to day schedule, along with Madelyn’s. But today, we are talking all about these essentials that are pretty much life savers for any Mom. If you are new around here my daughter Madelyn is almost 4 months and I feel like I am just finding my groove. So all you new Mom’s, give yourself a break….you will find your rythem!


New Mom Essentials for Mommy & BabyNew Mom Essentials for Mommy & Baby New Mom Essentials New Mom Essentials New Mom Essentials New Mom essentials for Mommy & Baby

If someone was to ask me my three survival tips for infants, they would be; Coffee, Gripe Water, and dry shampoo!! No, but in all seriousness life is going to be hectic, you’re going to be tired AF and I have found a few items that have been life savers for surviving these first months. Speaking of that, I can’t believe Madelyn is almost 4 months!! Seems like I was sharing my bump updates & birth story the other day!

First, My Skip Hop backpack has been amazing. I love that it can go on my back and keep my arms and hands free. It fits everything I need for Madelyn and myself. Another huge bonus, it’s actually super cute and goes with everything! I know, that might not be on everyones priority list…but it was certainly on  mine! Since it would most likely be replacing my purse I wanted something I liked, was plain and had a lot of compartments.

Some other items that has been great for making life easier has been the O-Venture key ring. This just goes on your wrist so you are not always fumbling around for the keys, and both hands are free for carrying baby, belongings, or the much needed coffee! Speaking of coffee, a great coffee mug is essential. My YETI has been life saving. It keeps my coffee hot for a long time so I’m not always reheating it in the microwave. Now, If you haven’t heard me rave about the Aerie joggershere I go; They are seriously the most comfortable thing I have ever worn. They get so much wear since I am usually rushing around. With that being said, make sure to stock up on comfortable pieces you can wear out. Make sure you add comfy sneakers to your must buy list.

Now, some of my New Mom Essentials for Madelyn have been Gripe water….run, don’t walk, and grab this stuff! It helps with gas, colic, fussiness or hiccups. We keep it on us at ALL times. My Hatch baby rest night light and sound machine …AMEN for this! Since day one this has been something that soothes her, along with helping her sleep and stay sleep. You don’t need this exact one, you can even get apps on your phone. However, I liked that this one can go on her night stand and doubles as a nightlight….and lets be honest, I want my phone accessible at all times to snap all those cute milestone.

 Also, her Rock’ N ‘Play and Fisher Price chair have been the two items that she loves and is comfortable in. We purchased both the Halo bassinet and MamaRoo that everyone seemed to loved and she hated them. However, It’s all trial and error with infants.  Madelyn never took to the pacifier she was given at the hospital. After trying many different kinds, she seemed to like the Dr. Browns Lovey the best! It’s great because it’s attached to a small plush animal that she also loves to touch and play with. This is also great when it comes to finding the damm thing, and she now looks for the animal for comfort – #winning!

Being a Mom to an infant all over again is a whole new learning process. I seriously forgot so much since I had Mason 7 years ago….and not to mention everything changes – like everything! I am going to go back an update my Baby Registry & Hospital bag blog posts with what I actually used/needed so you can all refer to back to that. I think this will be super helpful to you expecting Momma’s. However, just remember every baby is different. You all seem to really like these kind of blog posts, so I will keep them coming!

Have an awesome week friends!!


My name is Gretchen Michelle. A fashionista, coffee lover and mom who believes in living life to it's prettiest potential through fashion, beauty, and health.

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