My Birth Story

Hello everyone! I am so happy to be back here on the blog.In case you missed it……IT’S A GIRL!! Our lives are forever changed and so are our wallets…Hahah. Today I am sharing this very personal and emotional day with you all. I know this kind of post isn’t for everyone but I personally I enjoy reading these and hope you do too. As I sit here and write this Miss Madelyn is 3 weeks old. It has all been a blur, but so full of love and blessings. God truly gives you only what you can handle and Madelyn is a true example of that. I had so many doubts in myself….could I handle a newborn, its been so long? Im 33, can I do this? I made so many mistakes with Mason! My head flooded with doubts and the moment she came into this world I knew she was everything myself and family needed.

My Birth Story - It's a Girl

On the morning of October 12th I opened my eyes at 3:40am to Brian taking a shower. I asked him why he was up and he responded with “I can’t sleep”. I vaguely remember having a few contractions throughout the night like I had the night before, and the night before that. Shortly after opening my eyes I heard “Mommy, can you come get me”! Mason had also woken up just shy of 4am. I got up and said to myself “today is the day”. I don’t know how I knew it, but I knew it! Something came over me and I knew we would be welcoming this bundle of joy.

This might be TMI but I want to be completely honest with how my labor progressed and what my experience was. I got up to go to the bathroom and noticed I had lost my plug and had my bloody show – gross I know! Thanks to the help of Google I read that some people go into labor that day while others go another week or so. After getting everyone ready and off to school and work I started to time my contractions. Brian drives into the city for work and is about an hour and a half away, so I wanted to make sure he could be back if needed. It was about 7am and they were starting to be 5-7 minutes apart. While some contractions made me stop others were not that painful……

My Birth Story - It's a Girl

Let me rewind a little here….With Mason my water broke and I knew it was time to head in. I never experienced a single contraction or braxton hicks with him. The only contractions I had was once they started the pitocin at the hospital. I have heard so many people talk about false labor I was kinda hesitant to call my OB. The contractions were not that painful, but I knew this bundle was going to be making her appearance. I called Brian and had him head home. A few friends had labor come on so fast the second time they missed their epidural…….HECK NO!!! I was not about to let that happen.

Brian arrives home and guess what? Yup, my contractions slow down and I feel like a fool. Brian works a ton so it was actually really nice to just relax at home together. We did all the things – warm shower, clean the house, bumpy car ride, and we even went to a nice romantic lunch at McDonalds – haha! The contractions would be every 5 mins for 40 mins then I would go 12 mins without one. It was discouraging, and confusing! After dinner I started to take my mind off of everything. I had spent every minute since 4 am tracking, counting and hoping it was time! I was exhausted.

My Birth Story - It's a Girl

As soon as I stopped stressing the contractions picked up and I thought it was time to call my midwife. The nurse on duty said that it was time to head in. I was excited but also had this feeling of self doubt bc the pain wasn’t crippling quite yet. We sent Mason off to my Dad’s house and packed up the bags and headed in to Beverly Hospital. I told him to leave the bags in the car because I had this gut feeling we would be being sent home. Which is strange because I also knew she was ready to enter this world!.

They admitted me to L&D around 9:00 and started to monitor my contractions.They were about 7 mins apart and steady. We sat and waited the two hours for her to come back and check my progression. I had only progressed another cm within that time so they told me I was welcome to stay or head home and try to get some rest. At this point it was 12:3am and we had been up since 3 the following morning. The nurse told me try to get a good night sleep and wake up tomorrow and go for a walk…..I wanted to reply with “somehow I don’t think I will be doing either”!

My Birth Story - It's a Girl

We decided to head home and wait it out. At this point my body just wanted to sleep. I hopped into my shower at home and Brian literally feel sleep in seconds……Shocker, Men! I just stood under the hot water for a few minutes. My contractions were coming in waves but nothing unbearable. I hopped into bed and thought maybe after a good nights sleep I would feel human again. It was close to 1am and I had been up since 3am that morning. The cat jumped right up on my lap and I attempted to get some sleep between the contractions that were taking my breathe away!

I’m not gonna lie….with each painful contraction I wanted to punch Brian for being able to sleep. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to and tomorrow was going to be one longggg day. Then all of a sudden the loudest POP Ever and I jumped out of the bed. My water had broken! My water had also broke with Mason but it was more of a steady stream. This was a full on explosion! I actually got a little scared and Brian woke up instantly. I sat on the toilet and had Brian grab my mesh underwear I bought off Amazon( best purchase EVA)… wore them on way to hospital and after birth too. When I say that the moment my water broke I went into active labor…full blown labor, I am not exaggerating. I started shaking uncontrollably on the toilet and my teeth where chattering. Quick call to the my mid-wife to let her know we where back on our way up!

My Birth Story - It's a Girl

As we got dressed and ready for our second trip to L&D I truly thought I would be delivering this baby in the car. I felt like I was in the movies when the women is screaming in pain grabbing on to the door handle…ok, maybe a little dramatic but this was active labor and it sucked! We got admitted around 2:30 and they checked me…..4cm – “Thats’s it! After all that pain” I thought to myself. Most important thing was I was able to get  the epidural. The next 45 mins seemed like hours. I couldn’t wait for the pain to stop and hopefully take a nap since we had been up for 25 hours straight. They came to give me my epidural at 3;15 and it was heaven.

Five minutes later I noticed I had a ton of pressure in my bottom. It kept happening with every contraction and I felt the need to push. The nurse said she would have my midwife come check me in ten minutes. My midwife came in to check me and I think everyone thought I was crazy. I was 4 cm not even a hour again. Well, she checked me and told me it was time to push. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe I was only in active labor for a few hours….but, I really was hoping to rest after since I was so exhausted.

My Birth Story - It's a girl

Since I had just received the epidural I was completely numb making it hard to push. However, I gave it my all and after 37 mins my baby entered this world. My whole pregnancy I couldn’t wait to find out if we had our Madelyn or Maddox. Since we don’t plan on having another,.. I guess I can share the boy name since so many of you asked. Before they placed her on my chest we had decided that Brian would announce the sex. Brian claims I seemed mad when he told he “It’s a Girl”! I told him I was two days with no sleep and just pushed out a human. When it finally registered that it was a girl, I was over the moon. We had our boy & our girl, our family felt complete!

Madelyn Betty Burke was placed on my chest. Their are so few moments like this in a lifetime. That first second, that first breathe….my love for her was forever! All the doubts, questions, insecurities and anxieties left my body and I knew my heart had just literally doubled in size. October 13th 2018 will always be one of the best days of my life. All 6 lbs 11 oz of her will forever change my life. The love for your child is unlike no other.

We are so in love with Miss Madelyn! Watching Mason love and care for his sister melts my heart. Sleep is limited but thats ok. The family is adjusting well and Madelyn already has daddy wrapped around her finger. We are  thankful for this new addition to our family. I was told at the very young age of 19 that having children would be extremely hard. That always weighed very heavy on me. Every night when I kiss Mason & Madelyn goodnight I know how blessed I am. Thank you all again for all your outpouring of love & congratulations!


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