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Happy Thursday girls! So many of you have reached out about what products I am looking into for Baby B. A few months back I made a baby registry on I can not recommend it enough. Babylist has a complete check list with articles regarding best reviewed products. Another feature that I loved was it showed who was selling the item at the lowest price.My friends and family also found it really easy to purchase from. I tried to include as much as possible for you girls in below.


  1. Fisher Price Rock & Play– My sister and sister in law both raved about how amazing this was. My nephew would only sleep in this for the first few months. It also rocks on it’s own which is huge for tried moms who need to drink their coffee!
  2. Bumbo Multi seat– I had the original Bumbo with Mason but it now comes with a tray which is huge. It can go anywhere with you. If you had to your parents for dinner it’s so much easier than lugging a highchair.
  3. BottlesDr.Brown set me a started kit and they were actually my sons favorite. A few other brands that are highly recommended are Comotomo, MAM newborn set and Nanobee.
  4. Chicco FIt2 carseat- This is one of the most important purchases. This will be how you get your precious cargo from point A to point B. It is one of the most highly recommended on Amazon and the reviews are amazing.
  5. Onesies– Stock up on these because the new baby will be living in them. They even sell bundles that have 0-3 months to 12 months.
  6. Baby Hatch Sound Machine– This is a sound machine, night light and alarm in one. Mom’s all said the sounds help so much to soothe their babies and they loved it.
  7. Boppy Nursing Pillow– This will be a lifesaver for feeding time. It helps to keep the baby level and give your arms a break. I used this constantly with my first son.
  8. Storage bins– I loved these ones from Nordstrom. They are perfect for organizing the nursery. The stuffed animals pile up quickly!
  9. Delta Nursery Rocker– I am so excited to have this amazing comfy chair in the nursery for late night feedings. This one comes in 3 colors and is under $300.
  10. Skip Hop Backpack– Who says a diaper bag can’t be stylish? This is perfect if you want to keep your hands free. It is the perfect size , and can fit everything for both momma and baby.
  11. Halo bassinet– We looked around and this seemed like the perfect fit. Everyone loved the swivel legs and how it can be pulled right over the bed. It seems perfect for those night time cluster feedings.
  12. Chicco Fit2 base- Getting a second base for your carseat is essential. One in each car and you just have to worry about moving the carrier.
  13. Baby Jogger City Select Bassinet– I love the bassinet option for the stroller. I feel like its much for comfortable for baby during long outings.
  14. NoseĀ Frieda– This is one of most highly recommended items from you mommas. Everyone said it was a lifesaver. The concept is weird but everyone says it works like a charm.
  15. Medela Breast Milk Storage– This is a must have if you plan to breastfeed. A breast pump should also be on your registry. However, my sister has one so all I need to do is buy new piping.
  16. Baby Monitor- Their are plenty of great one out there. I have heard however that the wifi ones can easily get hacked. Im going with the First Hello monitor.
  17. Burp Clothes– I found some super cute one at Target.
  18. Safety First Deluxe Nursery kit– You just never know when this will come in handy. Make sure to add one of these to your baby registry.
  19. Blooming bath Lotus Bath– With my first I ended up bathing him mostly in the sink. This can fit in the sink or tub. Mothers seemed to really love this one.
  20. MamaRoo– Every mom friend I have is a huge fan of this. It’s motorize with bluetooth capability. Perfect for when you need to put that little bundle down.
  21. Baby Play-mat Tiles– This is perfect for the baby to have tummy time or once it starts sitting. Its even cute enough to leave out in the nursery!
  22. Baby Jogger City Select– We went back and forth on strollers. We were torn between this and the Uppa Vista. The reviews were amazing and it was half the price. I am so happy with my decision. The quality is amazing and I love the way it looks.

Their is some other smaller items you should certainly pick up like mittens, socks, swaddles, bottle brush and blankets. However I find things like wipe warmers and diaper geniuses to be items that just aren’t necessary. If you are planning your baby registry I would definitely go with I hope this was helpful. These items all had great reviews and were highly recommended by other mom’s. The final count down and I am a few days away from being full term – HOLLA! Make sure to also check out my Baby registry must haves HERE.



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