My 10 Top Purchased Items from Amazon

Hey, Hey everyone! Let’s talk Amazon shall we. You all seem to love it as much as I do. I mean, what’s not to love?? So today I have rounded up the 1 items you all purchased and loved. I’m a sucker for anything blush, cute and can arrive at your door in 2 days……Amazon is my love language! Today I have rounded up the top 10 purchased items from Amazon by all of you in 2019. A lot of fashion which doesn’t surprise me one bit. The question is? What did we do Amazon Prime?


top 10 purchased items from Amazon

1. Pom Pom High Waisted Swimsuit

This suit was on and poppin’ last year and I completely understand why. It’s incredibly flattering with it’s high waist bottoms that are also full coverage! The top does run a little small. If you are gifted with a large chest I would recommend sizing up. I currently have this suit in the black, white and chevron pattern.

top 10 Purchased items from Amazon

2. Blush Makeup Case

The Makeup case that broke the internet..kinda! This case spread like wildfire though the bloggers and I totally get it. It’s super durable, the perfect size to fit anything you need, under $25, and ooo so cute!

top 10 purchased items from Amazon

3. Coffee Lovers Pajama Set

This little $20 set comes in tons of cute prints. Since coffee is my jam this was fitting. It runs TTS and the quality is great for the price. You guys absolutely loved this find and scooped this coffee set, the Peach one, and avocado print so fast.

4. Daisy Rose Bag

These bags were high on the Amazon top 10. Unfortunately, they are no longer available on Amazon but are now on They are still just as affordable…this Neverfull dupe is under $50. Daisy Rose has tons of style including makeup cases, and laptop covers.

top 10 Purchased items from Amazon 2019

5. Batwing Dolman Sweater

This one was so nice I bought it twice. It comes in a ton of color options and under $30. ┬áIt’s the perfect lightweight sweater to transition into spring. This top is one size fits most and super flattering.

top 10 Purchased items from Amazon

6. Loose Fit Turtleneck Sweater

I’m always amazed at some of the amazing clothing pieces I am able to find on Amazon. This under $30 sweater exceeded my exceptions. This top was loose fitting and not itchy at all. So happy with purchase….seemed like you all loved it as much as me!

Top 10 Purchased items from Amazon

7. Dalmatian Print Swimsuit

Ok, not surprised at all that this one made the list! Guess what?? It’s still in stock and a must with warmer weather on the horizon. The fit is so flattering with decent bum coverage. I would suggest sizing up.


Top 10 Purchased items from Amazon

8. Steamer Under $30

If you are still using an iron….STOP, and grab a steamer! This has changed try life. I order a lot of clothes of Amazon and let’s be honest….they are always super wrinkled. This makes it so easy to get all the creases out of your clothing. The exact one I have isn’t available anymore but this one has over 8k amazing reviews!

Top 10 Purchased items from Amazon

9. Be Kind Tee

BE KIND – words we should all live by! This tee is only $18 and comes in four colors. This simple tee and jeans is my go to kinda look. I love the simple lettering and cute pink color. Last summer I grabbed a bunch of cute graphics off of Amazon but this one was certainly my fav!

top 10 Purchased items from Amazon

10. Casual Summer Beach Dress

Lets get an AMEN for this cute summer dress. It was one of your most purchased pieces last year. I wore it all summer and tried it on the other day (7 Months pregnant) and it was just as amazing. It would work for many occasions and is only $22. Did I mention in comes in 12 colors options?


I love seeing what you guys are all snatching up from my finds. Their is no doubt you love Amazon. It’s a never ending hole of goodness and I love it. What is your favorite Amazon purchase to date?? Just when I think I have found all the best items……..more magically appear!


My name is Gretchen Michelle. A fashionista, coffee lover and mom who believes in living life to it's prettiest potential through fashion, beauty, and health.

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