Madelyn’s 6 Month Schedule

Madelyns 6 month schedule

Words can’t begin to describe how amazing this first half a year with Madelyn have been. How is she already half way through her first year…well, she is actually 7 months but typical me, always behind. She has grown so much and her adorable little personality has been shining through.

Baby 6 month schedule; a typical day and what she is loving

I get asked quite often how I do it! How do I tend to her, run my blog, house, and still find time to clean, go to the gym and live. Truth is, it’s always a juggling act and I have to make every minute count. I wouldn’t have it any other way. She fills our lives, and heart with so much joy & love!

Baby 6 month schedule; a typical day and what she is loving

This is what Madelyn’s 6 month schedule looks like on a typical day;

5:30-6:30 Madelyn usually wakes up around this time. She will come join me on the couch for her first feeding. She is always all smiles and I love this time we spend together.

7:00  Since Madelyn is 6 months now we have introduced solids. I will feed her some breakfast (Little Spoon or organic pouch) while I try to do some up keep around the house.

Feeding Favorites

7:30 This is the crazy time in the house when I am getting ready for the gym. Mason is getting ready for school and we are all running around like crazy. This is when I will put Madelyn on her tummy mat or jumparoo. She loves both but it depends on her mood.

8:00 After I drop Mason at the bus, Madelyn and I head to the gym. I have been going to the Y for years and Madelyn has been going since she was 6 weeks old. She goes in the playroom while I work out. She loves it, and will play with the daycare staff.

9:30 – 10:00 We head home from the gym and sometimes I will run a few errands.

10:30 We get ready for the day. She will play on her mat in the bedroom while I get ready. I usually get ready in about 25 mins. She loves when music is on and will just hang out.

11:00 She will have her second bottle (6-8oz) and usually go down for her long nap. Some days she will nap for 2 – 2:30 hours.

12:00 I use her nap time to get campaigns shot/ work done or clean up the house.

1:00 Madelyn is usually ready for her lunch. She hasn’t seemed to dislike anything yet.

3:00 Madelyn will have a bottle (6-8oz). Mason gets home from school and Madelyn will just watch him and play. She loves to pull on anything in her reach and is starting to love certain toys like her teething Sophie. We recently started giving her Mum-Mums. She loves them and keeps her happy!

5:00 We will feed her the second half of her pouch from lunch for dinner.

5:30 It’s tubby time! We recently bought this bath seat for her. We have also been using the new Hello Bello products and really like them.

6:00 We cuddle her and give her the last 8 oz feeding of the night. She is almost always ready for bed at this point and usually is fast asleep by 7:00

7:00 Sweet Dreams Baby Madelyn. She is currently sleeping in her crib next to our bed. We purchased these breathable mesh bumpers which we love.


baby 6 month schedule; a typical day and what she is loving

baby 6 month schedule; What a typical day looks like and what she is loving

baby 6 month schedule; what a typical day looks like

baby 6 month schedule; what a typical day looks like

baby 6 month schedule; What a typical day looks like

Baby 6 month schedule; What a typical day looks like

Madelyn is a such a smiley little love. We are very lucky that she is such an amazing sleeper and I know that’s not always the case for everyone. Each days has it’s challenges, and some days are pretty exhausting and hard….but we love every second of it! she is certainly a baby who prefers to be surround by people. She loves to be out and about. I’m a homebody so she must get that from Brian..HAHA.

Every baby is different and every day varies. We find that early bedtime and early rise is best for our family since we all go to bed early. I know my schedule isn’t perfect but this is just what has worked best for us. Madelyn has adjusted great to this routine. I hope Madelyns 6 month schedule has given you some ideas for what a typical day looks like.

I want to give a HUGE Thank you to Samantha K Photography for these pictures we will cherish forever. If you are local I can’t recommend her enough. You can find her on IG @officialsamanthakphotography or SamanthaKPhotography


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