Madelyn’s 1 Year Milestones + Parent’s Choice with Walmart

Parent' Choice with Walmart

Happy Friday! Can you believe we are already at the end of October. This month Madelyn turned 1 year old. It absolutely blows my mind and I still can’t believe it. Today I am sharing Madelyn’s milestones so far and how we are saving money with Parent’s Choice at Walmart. My older son Mason is 8 years old, and I would be lying if I said I remembered his major milestones and it makes me sad. It will be nice to look back on this post and see what she was doing at a year old.

Parent's Choice with Walmart

This month Parent’s Choice brand at Walmart is celebrating it’s 2oth anniversary. To celebrate this anniversary I have been using some of their products this past month and let’s just say we are in LOVE! I’m actually mad I didn’t start using them earlier since they are so budget friendly.  This household is on a budget and I love when I can find a brand that doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost.

The Parent’s Choice line has so many options for every age. So far we have tried the diapers, shea butter wipes, bottles, spoons, canvas toddler bids, and the pouches. I know we will always have our home stocked with these items.  Especially, since Madelyn loved the Mango Pumpkin pouch and her plush blanket. Our biggest concern with trying a new diaper brand was leaking, which I am happy to report they passed the test. The price point is unbeatable and excited to try some other items as well.

Budget friendly Parent's Choice with Walmart

Parent's Choice by Walmart

Parent's Choice by Walmart

Madelyn turned 1 this month and I can’t believe it. I wanted to share some of Madelyn’s milestones. Every child is different but I know I am always interested in what other children her age are doing. So this is what little Miss Madelyn is up too:

  • Madelyn is saying a few words like Momma, Dadda, and Stella (our cat).
  • She eats all foods ….AND LOVES IT! Her favorites are fruit, steak and salmon.
  • She’s taken 3-5 steps but isn’t walking yet.
  • Unfortunately she isn’t sleeping through the night yet and it is really starting to take a toll.
  • Self feeding – she prefers to feed herself.

Parent’s Choice has been such a lifesaver when it comes to our budget. We are so happy that we are saving money while using products we genuinely love. Madelyn is growing up fast and I love that this is a brand we can use for years to come. Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

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