Maddox’s 3 Month Sleep Schedule

Maddox's 3 month sleep schedule

Hope everyone is having a great week. I’m so excited to share Maddox’s sleep schedule with you all since well, I’m actually getting some sleep this time around! Madelyn was the worst nighttime sleeper. I’m not sure why, but I wasn’t taking any chances with Maddox since having 2 under 2 I was going to need all the mom power I could get!

I know I am probably going to Jinx myself, but if I can help another sleep deprived momma it’s worth it. This time I wasn’t messing around and started implementing some sleep strategies right away. Maddox is just about 2 months old and sleeping from 9pm-5am almost nightly. Except for the occasionial gas induced wake up, thank goodness for the Fridababy Windi.


To start off, I am no expert….I’m just sharing my experience and what I believe has helped form Maddox to be able to sleep the long stretches he does. Since the first few weeks home Maddox has always made nighttime manageable. After he was back to his birth weight I let him sleep without waking him. People will tell you different things when it comes to nighttime feeding,  and everyone should make the choice they feel is best for them. I personally let them sleep when they are tired, and let them wake when they are hungry.

First – ROUTINE, ROUTINE, ROUTINE! This applies in every aspect when it comes to babies but especially important when it comes to a sleep schedule. They can’t tell time or understand what we are saying so it’s incredibly important to let them know what to expect next. Since our first night home from the hospital I started to create a bedtime routine that we do EVERY night.

  • Bath – we don’t actually bath him every day but we will wipe his neck and hand with a warm cloth.
  • Clean diaper – fresh diaper and make sure the ruffles on the legs are out.
  • spray room with lavender sleep spray
  • turn on sound machine – White noise is great to help aid in sleep/drain out noise
  • dim lights – to signal that it’s bedtime.We absolutely love the Hatch.
  • swaddle – we use the Ollie saddle and love it.
  • feed – I use the Comotomo bottles and aim for 4-6 ounces.
  • Put Maddox in the bassinet when he first seems to be drifting off.

We do these steps every night in this same order. It helps Maddox process that sleep time is coming. We start our routine around 8:30 after I put his sister down to sleep. It takes about a half hour and Maddox is asleep by 9 -9:45 at the latest. Some days he’s counting sheep by 9:10 and sometimes his little eyes just stare at me for what like hours. I set my alarm for 5:00 every morning but without fail I’m woken by his little cries at 4:45 every morning. I feel incredibly lucky to be getting 7 hour stretches out of him. We both get up and head to the living room. I turn on the coffee and start his first feed of the day. After he eats 4-6 ounces he goes back to bed until 7/7:30 when I take off his swaddle and get him ready for the day.

I wish I could say these tips are the answer to your sleep deprivation. Unfortunately, I believe its 50% sleep schedule and tips & 50% Maddox. There are some babies who have an extremely hard time sleeping long stretches. Geez, Madelyn is still the worst!

  • Swaddle – We heard all the benefits of swaddling when Madelyn was born. However, she would cry when we put her in it and we thought she just preferred to be free – MISTAKE ! Maddox will cry sometimes as well, but within 15- 35 seconds he is content. We only swaddle at night since we aim to make it very clear that it’s nighttime.
  • Sound machines are a total game changer in my book. It helps to create a comfortable, womb-like setting for your baby. They have been known to help calm fussy infants as well as sleep longer stretches.
  • Don’t let your baby fall asleep in a different room for bedtime. During the day do whatever works best for you. However, bedtime needs to be consistent. With Madelyn we would feed her the couch then move her into the bassinet which I then learned was not a good sleeping strategy.
  • TakingCaraBabies is literally the baby whisperer. Although I didn’t take her class I gained tons of useful knowledge just from watching her Instagram highlights. Had Maddox not adjusted so well we were going to enroll in her newborn sleep class. If you feel absolutely discouraged and exhausted and have tried most of these tips,  would recommend signing  up!

Maddox made taking on 2 under 2 much easier then I had thought. He isn’t the best napper but hey, you can’t have it all! I know these are not the most ground breaking tips, but if I can help just one Momma get a few more hours of sleep it’s absolutely worth it. I know how draining (and loved)  those first few months can be.

Maddox actually turned 4 months last week and we are transitioning over to the Merlin sleep suit and crib…..I will keep you posted on our experience.!


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