Denim skirt : The Spring trend to try

Hello, are you all enjoying the sunshine as much as I am? Time to pull out your favorite denim skirt. If your so happy spring is here, check out my last post Spring Essentials and an awesome Giveaway! Denim skirts, yes, these amazing things are back in style! The denim skirt is not to be worn circa 2004 with Ugg boots and frayed up to your  butt checks! At least, I hope you won’t!  How do you wear this spring trend, let me show you!

The denim skirt comes in high waisted, embroidered, distressed, different washed and many more styles. If your in the market for a denim skirt, you are bound to find one you love. So far I have found two I couldn’t live without (there will probably be more). They both fit perfectly, and are under $60!

My first Express denim skirt was spotted on another blogger I follow, and because of the App I was able to purchase it in seconds. If you don’t have this app, YOU NEED IT! I could elaborate on it more if your interested. I forget that some of my readers might not understand exactly how it works, which isn’t fair, you’re really missing out! First, you want to sign up or download the App.  After you have signed up, any caption with or symbol in their photo means it is compatible.  Simply, like or screenshot the picture. Within seconds the photo and everything they are wearing is uploaded to the app, and ready to be purchased. Your bank account might hate you, however, your closet will thank you.

This first denim skirt is embroided and has a cute frayed hem. I thought this was perfect for the spring and summer months. The embriordery added a little extra. This denim skirt is one of those pieces that can be styled so easy, and so many ways.  The white off the shoulder top made this a simple and very wearable look. I got it from Old Navy last year, but they have many similar versions now.

My second skirt is super affordable and flattering. Target is one of those places, when you go in searching for something specific, you never find it! If you go in quickly for Easter candy, you know you’re coming out with bags of things you were not looking for! This gingham off the shoulder top is from the WhoWhatWear line. I couldn’t find it on the website, but I am positive they still have it in most stores.

If you head to Target, also check out the Victoria Beckham line. People are starting to return those pieces that didnt work out. Victoria Beckham did an amazing job with this line.  My blogger babes are making me super jealous with all these VBxTarget posts.

The denim skirt is the perfect buttom to throw on come warmer weather. I have linked some of my other favorites below. I wanted to let you girls know that I got a new Canon D6 for my birthday. This should make the image quality even better (if I can figure out how to use it). Please try to bare with me will while I work out the kinks. Hope you enjoyed this post. Thanks for stopping by, Kisses!!



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