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Back to school with Walmart

How are we already a few weeks into September?! Are your kiddos adjusting  to back to school life? Happy to report we sure are, and both kids love their teachers. This household strives best on structure and routine so we love settling into the new school year. Aside from the list of school supplies they need for the classroom I love to create at home work station for all the homework needs. This can get pricey and that’s why I love that Walmart offers Back to school supplies for under $1.

Back to school with Walmart


We decided to do an easily, organized bin that holds all the supplies for their homework. Would you believe me if I told you everything was under a $1… I probably wouldn’t! I was so pleased with all the amazing options. Everything from writing supplies, notebooks, glue and coloring items. Is it just me or is everyone always trying to find lined paper come homework time?

She loves to feel like a big girl when it comes to homework like big brother. This made her day and she loved organizing everything for her station. This will help them stay productive and focused since they will have everything they need right at their fingertips. We have everything ready for both of them as soon as they get home.


I know homework can be though for parents. Our household is going from sun up to sun down. We have school and sports that make carving out time for homework a bit challenging on some nights. In our house we do homework right after school. This way they get through it while they are still in learning mode. They come home, grab a snack and head to the table. This convenient little storage box is perfect. I have everything out and ready for them to get to work.

I know time and budgets are limited especially now. Thats why I am so happy to share that Walmart offers such amazing back to school products at such an incredible price point. Guys…..Why wouldn’t you grab all the essentials for a successful year of homework at such a steal. They had tons of items for under $1 accommedating everyone all the way through high school. Hope this gave you some ideas!

Wishing all the kiddos a Happy & Healthy School Year!

Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post


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