Holiday Shopping Tips – How to get it done & Stay under budget!


Well…. their is no doubt that we all have a long ‘To Do’ list this month! Between shopping, baking, decorating, wrapping etc. on top of our other daily requirements, this time of year can all seem….ummm, impossible! I mean, I struggle day to day without the laundry list of holiday extras. This year I have a newborn and hosting my first Christmas at the new house…I must be crazy! With so much on my plate it was important to get my ducks in a row when it came to holiday shopping this year -do people still use that analogy??

The fact that I am writing a blog post on how to get your holiday shopping done is ironic since I am always shopping until Christmas eve and usually wrapping into the wee hours of Christmas morning. I vowed that this year would be different. I set some guidelines for getting my shopping done and I am amazed at how much I have completed already.

How is your holiday shopping going thus far? As much as we all love the spirit of Christmas music, movies, and decorations…. crossing everyone off that Christmas list can be tricky….while staying within the budget and getting them a gift they love- am I right? ┬áSo in hopes of helping you get your shopping done this year I am sharing some tips that have really worked for me for me so far this season!

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Make a list

This might seem pretty obvious, but I am not talking about a quick little list you jot down and never look at again. This list is going to be your ticket to getting your shopping done affectively. So I will say it again – make a list of everyone you need to buy for. Section it off by family, friends, co-workers etc. You could even include an additional little list in case you have extra time or money to grab a few gift cards for the mailman etc. – I should probably buy the UPS man a house considering how much he is here delivering packages!┬áTake your list and write down any ideas you have next to the name. You could even go as far as to write down your budget for each person. Which brings me into my next tip!

Make a Budget

This is so important for a few reasons 1. It allows you to have an idea of what price range you should be looking at for each person & 2. the holidays are expensive and I can promise you tons of other additional expenses will come your way. Christmas can go from joyful to dreadful if your emptying out your saving to try to make everyone else happy. Trust me when I say I always go overboard and it’s never worth it! It truly is the thought that counts, not the price tag….

Know who you are Shopping For

This is the tip I find hardest to follow. Wether I hit the mall or I’m shopping online I quickly lose track of who I am shopping for and end up with stuff for myself – I’m just being honest. So grab that trusty list and choose 3 people you are going to cross off that day. If you are heading to the mall don’t stop in a store for yourself until your task is done! If your online…well, same thing. This makes sure every time you carve out time you’re getting things accomplished. How many times have you went “Christmas shopping” and left with nothing for the people you needed to shop for??

Online Sales

Since Black Friday & Cyber Monday have both passed I won’t talk about how many amazing deals you missed. Truth be told, there is still so many amazing sales going on each and everyday. I have seen some retailers marked down to 50% off which is just as good as their cyber Monday sales. Don’t buy something because it is on sale! Instead wait for the perfect gift to go on sale….it will, I promise!

Shop Alone

Believe me when I tell you….. shop alone! Don’t get me wrong, I love heading to the mall to grab Starbucks and do some light shopping with my friends & family. However, when I am on a shopping mission I work best alone. Not to mention I am easily distracted so the less distraction the better! I do a lot of my shopping online and even then I grab a cup of coffee and lock myself in my bedroom.

Have a game plan

Ok, this last one is kinda a little of all the above wrapped in one big bow! Do you feel like you have carved out time to shop a total of 97 times this season and only bought 6 gifts?? Yup, been there, done that! Once you have your list, your budget, you have scoped the sales and have carved out time to go shopping – have a plan. Who are the people you are crossing off your list today? What stores are you hitting up first?? knowing these things will save you time, money and a whole lotta stress!!

I love shopping for the holidays but at some point the enjoyment turns to stress when you have limited time or funds. I’m hoping this post will help you get all your holiday shopping done and leave you excited to give everyone their gift! I love to grab some holiday gift sets as well to gift out incase someone I wasn’t expecting gets me something. You can always break up the gift sets and small gift cards for your girlfriends or co-workers. Don’t forget to check out the Holiday Tab for all my gift ideas. Happy Tuesday Everyone!


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