Current Hair Routine – How I Achieve My Curls

It’s finally here…my very requested Hair Routine! You guys have been asking forever for me to share how I curl my hairso  here it is. I do these steps twice a week and the curls will last for 3 or more days, which is amazing for this busy momma! When I was younger I thought inheriting my grandmothers thick Portuguese hair was a curse, however, I now find it a blessing. It helps my hair style stay, as well as last longer between washes. Especially, since I am dealing with postpartum hair loss, which stinks. I’ll do my best to explain this step by step…I will be uploading an Instagram video this week that might help answer any questions you might have.


My current Hair Routine - How I achieve my curlsMy Current Hair Routine - How I Achieve my Curls

Having the right tools and products that work on my hair type has been huge. So what tools do I use….I am a huge fan of the T3 brand. The T3 Cura Luxe blowdryer has cut my drying time down significantly and helps reduce fizz. For my curls, I use the One Size Fits All base with the 1.25′ inch polished curl head. Depending on the type of curl you’re trying to achieve, They have so many different options. However, I have tried many different wands, clamps and sizes and this one is by far my favorite.

My current Hair Routine - How I achieve my curls!

Once, I have blowdried my hair, I’m ready to curl it. Since I have thicker hair I don’t section it off. I find that I like how it falls best when I just work my way around my head pulling the bottom layers toward the front to curl.

  1. Always start towards the back of my hair like in the image below and work my way forward. I section my hair down middle  of the back and pull it towards the front of my head to curl.
  2. Take about a 1′ sized piece of hair (alternating slightly bigger strands) or larger if you prefer a looser curl.
  3. Working my way around my head towards the front. I also pull the under piece towards the front to curl. Always curl away from your face on both sides.
  4. With each 1′ inch piece that I take, I spray a heat protectent to help with damage.I only hold for about 10 seconds.
  5. My curls look the best when I leave 2′ inches  of hair out of the wand at the bottom (see image below). This give a more beachy wave. Sometimes the imperfections help achieve the best look.

My Current Hair Routine - How I achieve my curls

I work my way around my whole head. Don’t worry if they don’t look perfect, sometimes that’s when it comes out the best! I let me hair cool. After 5-10 minutes when my hair is no longer hot, I use my Wet Brush to lightly brush out the curls. After, I work my hands through my hair to get everything in place.

My current Hair Routine - How I achieve my curls

Since my hair is so thick, I don’t need a lot of products to keep it in place and hold it’s curl. However, there are a few products I DO use & love.

Kevin Murray Leave-In-Repair – Apply this on my damp hair before I blow-dry to help restore  my hair, and help with breakage.

QUAI Memory mist Heat Protectant – This stuff is great for protecting against damage. After blowdrying, I spray from root to end prior to curling,

DRY BAR Detox Dry shampoo – Shake this really good prior to using. People usually use dry shampoo on hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days, which I also do. However, I use this after curling on the roots of my hair. I spray on to root and work into my scalp with my fingers.

ORBIE Dry Texturizing Spray – this is the final step to my hair routine. I spray this all over to add volume and texture. It helps my curls stay and add some grit to my freshly washed hair.

My current Hair Routine - How I achieve my curlsMy current Hair Routine - how I achieve these curls

This is my finished look! The steps always stay the same even though the end results always come out a little different. It has certainly been trial and error but I finally feel like I have found a hair routine that works. These products help keep my hair in place. I go to the gym and I am able to come home and shower without having to restyle. Somedays I have to curl a few untamed pieces or reapply my dry shampoo. Only having to style twice a week – MAJOR TIME SAVER!

My current hair routine

I hope you were able to follow my current hair routine. These hair tools, styling products, and technics have been a game changer for achieving my everyday curls! Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it worked for you. I will be doing a tutorial over on my instagram this weekend  – Make sure to check it out

Thank you for reading. Have an awesome day LLP Gals!




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