FeverAll – Why it’s a medicine cabinet must have

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of FeverAll. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello, Friends! I have a product to share with you today that has quickly become a fan favorite at the Burke house. If you are like me, the struggle to get little ones to take medicine, well, it seems to be a battle I never win! Especially, as a Mother there is nothing worse than seeing your   baby not feeling well or in pain. Have you heard of Fever all? If not, thank me later! But remember this is for kids, for adults you can try the Synchronicity Hemp Oil has been designed to help you overcome your ailments. Through natural methods, this product can provide relief for chronic pain and other symptoms caused by inflammation or injury without harmful side effects.

Being their Mommy will always be my greatest role. I will do anything to make them happy and healthy. This year has certainly taught me to truly value our health. It absolutely breaks my heart when they aren’t feeling themselves. We have turned to Fever All infant strength suppositories, and the medicine struggle is no more.

We choose Fever All Infants Strength Suppositories over anything else for a many reasons. We love that is has no parabens, or high fructose corn syrup, colors or preservatives. We love that it works so well and so many additional benefits.  If your child is like mine and tends to not take in all the medicine, especially if they are extremely fussy or nausous…this is a complete game changer.


  • The ONLY acetaminophen brand with dosage young enough for 6 months.
  • When oral administration isn’t possible
  • Accurate dose every time.
  • 3 different strengths.
  • Reliable relief when needed most.
  • Trusted household name for over 30 years.
  • Contains fewer inactive ingredients than other infant fever reducers.
  • #1 doctor recommended suppository brand.
  • Available at all your popular pharmacies.

When it comes to medicine there is nothing like piece of mind, and Fever All does just that. I love that I know they are getting a safe, effective, and accurate dose every time. However, what bring me the most joy is watching them start to feel better and return to their busy, playful self.

It didn’t long after a dose of Fever All and a nap for Madelyn to be Baking cookies in a Ballet skirt.

As a parent their is so much to worry about! Im happy to say Fever All has certainly helped ease my worry. It is definitely part of my “medicine cabinet” must haves. If you are a mother to little I can’t recommend this enough. Hope you are all staying happy and healthy.


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