May Recap; Fashion, Beauty, and Mom favorites

May has come and gone, and we are wll into June. I couldn’t let my May favorites pass by, May was good to me both personally and professionally. These favorites are not my usual list of fashion and beauty. This month was filled with some family favorites that have made me a very proud Mom. Being a Mom is a stressful, full-time job that most of the time leaves us wondering if the choices we make are right. This May I know that I have done something right, and that counts for something. So lets get started on some of my fashion and beauty favorites.

First, I hit 10K on Instagram. That was kinda a milestone I have been waiting for (very impatiently I might add). With Instagrams new algorithm and the all the Shadow Ban myths, it has made it extremely hard for media influencers to increase their following. I recently watched my engagement and likes be cut in half due to a new system they want to implicate. The truth is I don’t have any control over what happens on Instagram, I only own my blog and it has encouraged me to work harder at it and increase my following over all the social media platforms (sorry for the rant)! I also had my most traffic driving post EVER. One of my favorites from May has definitely been Express! This is a store that I shopped at throughout most of my High school years, but haven’t stepped foot in there in a very long time. The embriodered denim skirt and that cute dress that Brian picked out for me were both from there. Guess what? Shocker, this dress I am wearing, is also from Express! I am sure this is your first time seeing the Cult Gaia, Right? I highly doubt it, because this purse is everywhere in the blogging community! At first, I didnt quite understand the buzz surrounding this take on an old japanse picnic basket. Well, it was well worth the two month wait and I love how It goes with literally everything! Another May favorite has definitely been my hair. It has softened my look, and brought so  much more dimension. I have gotten endless Dm’s from all my fabulous followers saying how much you love it! Thanks, I do too! I plan on going even lighter in a few more weeks. Did you know, I am naturally blonde. So I am going to get into a few personal favorites. My first Motherhood favorite was watching my sister Heidi graduated High school last week. Heid has lived with us for the past 3 years. She has lived with me because our mother had a stroke about 7 years ago and it left her unable to move a lot of her left side. After all that she has been through, this girl lets nothing stop her. She completed High School with A’s and B’s and is going on to UNH in September. I am so proud of Heidi, instead of letting all the obstacles that have made her life thougher than most, she excelled! She showed up to life, rocked it, and kicked ass. Now, if only I could be like her. Heidi has always been more of a daughter to me, She has lived with me on and off when she was young and I was only 19. Being 19 and raising a 4 year old was not easy, but the things we do for family, well what wont we do? Heidi and I have one of the most special unique relationships, and I have watched my son Mason (6) and Heidi form their very special bond as well. The day after graduation Heid and I where sitting at the kitchen table talking about the changes that will be coming her way. Heidi turned to me, tears falling from her eyes and said ” I am going to miss Mason sooo much”. I wanted to turn to her, eyes full of tears and say ” I am going to miss you sooo much too”! Heidi has been my sister, my daughter and now she is without any doubt, my best friend. Speaking of little humans, My little son Mason did a very BIG thing! Mason asked that instead of presents for his birthday, if he could raise money for the the Gloucester police department. Mason has been obsessed with police men and firefighters since as long as I can remember. There has never been a superman or ninja turtle in our house. We reached out to the GPD and found they worked hand in hand with the Cops for Kids with Cancer organization. Mason raised $900 for the CfwKC. We are lucky to live in such a great city, with such an amazing Police department. Mason is the youngest person to ever recieve a citation from the Mayor, and he also received a lot of news coverage, write ups and praise from the community. I have included the video below. Watch the

news Clip Here & Here Being a mother is the most difficult job in the world. It never ends, but more importantly it might take years to know if the choices your making as a parent are right ones. These past few weeks, the way my kids (I consider Heidi one)  have handled life has made me beyond proud. I have made many wrong choices in my life, many before kids, and a few since being a Mom. Watching Heidi walk across to get her diplomia, I felt so happy that I got to take part in her success.

Heidi is a prime example that you can dwell on all the negative, or create your own positives. Heid will succeed, this I know! Mason, well he has done more good in his short existence than some do their whole life. The way this little boy cares about others shows that I am on my way to raising a goood man!

I know my monthly favorites are usually mostly fashion and beauty, but this month my family life has outweighed everything! Sorry if this isn’t your type of post, thats ok. Yes I love fashion and beauty, but this month I was so overjoyed with my family I had to share it. I consider all of you, my readers, friends. We all get consumed about the bad, believe me, I wanted to get on here and b*tch about the so called “shadow banning” that is absolutly killing my engagment on Instagram. The good should be highlighted more, so let me know in the comments something good that has happpened to you, something that has made you proud, either personally or professionally! Xo`

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