Everything You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Everything you need to know about Eyelash Extension

Hello girls, hope you had an awesome week and happy Friday. Since the day I got my eyelash extensions, it has been one of my most asked questions. What kind I get, what does volume mean, can you get them wet etc. Today I am sharing some of my most asked questions, and giving you some answers to all the conflicting things you have probably heard. Since my lash tech Jess, and Owner of Runway is a world wide accredited lash trainer, and has been featured in Lash Inc. magazine for her education and custom lash work…who better to ask!

Everything you need to know about Eyelash Extensions.

Before we get into the questions I wanted to quickly talk about how I care for mine. I go about every three weeks for a fill. Lash Fills take about 45 mins but varies person to person. After washing my face, I gently rub them with baby shampoo. Since I do wear makeup most days I then take a Q-tip dipped in micellar water to get off any residue and left over makeup. Your https://lashliftstore.com/ eyelash tech will supply you with a eyelash wand to brush through them regularly. I keep one in my makeup bag and car at all times. You can shop these eyelash extension products below.


Where do you go to get your lashes done, and about how much does it cost?

I go to Runway in Danvers. I see Jess who is also the Owner. They received Best Of Boston this fall. Renee is another lash tech there as well and does an amazing job. Cost varies, classic is about $150, while volume is $200.

What is the difference between volume and classic?

Classic is a single extension added to reach of your original lashes creating length. Volume is more customizable. They can use different lengths and form fans adding numerous extensions to each lash making it fuller. I go with the volume, and find it to still look absolutely natural.

Can I get them water? I have heard you can’t shower or get any water on them for atleast 24 hours.

I get this question a lot, especially with the summer coming. Yes, you can. My lash tech actually mists them at the end to help activate the adhesive. If you live in a climate with temperature change they should be using a rubberized adhesive which is actually is activated by moisture. So this is false, but make sure to check with your lash tech to see what type of adhesive they use.

Can I apply mascara on to my false lashes?

I have heard other say that it’s ok to apply mascara on your extension, especially when they are due for a fill. The answer is NO, you should never be applying mascara.

How often do you get them filled?

Every body is different. However, every 2-5 weeks. Some people prefer to go every two weeks. Mine usually say  intact and looking full for about three. If you are sick, have a cold, or on your period you my find you need them filled sooner. Your body also has natural shedding periods throughout the year. This is your natural lashes rejuvenate themselves, making your extensions fall out sooner than they might regularly.

Will they ruin my natural lashes?

They shouldn’t hurt your own lashes if the proper weight is applied. There are tons of different weights and lengths and your lash tech should customize by applying which ones will work best for you.  Everybody loses about 1-5 of your natural lashes daily so fall out between fills is unavoiable. When growths happens your extension will eventually grow of your lash which is good because you’re not 1) damaging your own lash 2) your natural lash is still healthy like it should be even with extensions.

Can you apply eyeliner? You can apply eyeliner if you must. Liquid liner is actually recommended over pencil. It doesn’t tug at the lash line as much, and is preferred with rubberized adhesive. The less you have to apply it the better. I find that my lash line looks dark and full without so I only apply for a special event etc.

What is the length of your eyelash tensions? They look so natural.

First, the thing with extensions is you want people to wonder, “Are those her natural lashes”? When I get this question either on Instagram or in public I know Jess is doing an awesome job. I get a combination of lengths; 10,11,12,13,14. This helps them look more natural while making the base full.

I have had my eyelash extensions for sometime now, and love them just as much as I did on day one. They make me feel so awake and pulled together. Especially on my no makeup days, or the days when I have a big event. They absolutely elevate my look. If you are a bride to be I highly recommend them. If you have a bunch of events coming coming up this spring this would also be a great time to get them applied. They certainly require up keep and something you should consider before getting them applied. However, you will absolutely fall in love if you do!

For all my local girls, I go to Runway in Danvers. They are now a full license Salon with Eyelash techs, hair stylist, spray tans, and an Aesthetician. You can check out their Instagram HERE!






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