Your best accessory, YOUR SMILE!

Each season we all run to grab the news shoes.  To get our hands on the new “it” bag.  One accessory that never goes out of style, is a perfect SMILE!  I am an oral hygiene freak, brush constantly, floss, and go to the dentist regularly.

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Quick Day-time Makeup

I love makeup, that is a given.  However, on most days I’m screaming at a 5 yr old to pick up his toys, looking for my favorite jeans that seemed to have disappeared into a black hole not to be seen for days! Aside from trying to get out of the house, fingers crossed  that I have two of the same shoes on, doing my makeup helps me look put together  despite the fact I usually am not. I love doing my makeup, its art, its self expression.  Unfortunately, most days I need to keep it to basics.  Most of us have that everyday look that we can nail in minutes, where the  products change, but the routine stays the same.

Before you start in with the products, no matter the amount of time you have before you’re whisked away it’s so important your skin is clean and moisturized within the the first 20 mins, to help assist in a better application.  From my get ready as fast as I can kinda days, I used to always skip the primers.  Recently, a spray primer came into play, and I am hooked.  Always grab your go-to foundation because chances are you know how to apply it effortlessly and quick. Foundation is one product that is so personal, is your skin dry or oily?  Do you like full coverage or something light and easy like a BB cream.  Does the formula carry your perfect shade?

The foundation to me is the biggest piece of the puzzle.  If you can find a foundation that blows you away every time, you apply it (Hallelujah!).  Next take your favorite concealer in a shade lighter than  your skin tone and form a triangle under each eye.  I like to use a beauty blender, it seems to blend out liquid products better then anything else.  Makeup has trends just like clothing, last year it was contour & highlight.  “HIGHLIGHT ON FLEEK” , come on I’m not the only one who has said it to your own reflection in your makeup mirror!!  This season it is COLOR CORRECTING, and with good reason.  IT is pretty amazing the things that can be corrected by simply covering it with the opposite color on the color wheel, this I’ll explain in more depth in a later post.

Hands down my most important step is brows, the brows frame the entire face, this being the beginning of a list of other reasons why perfectly applied brows are so important.  I for one was not blessed with “GOOD” brows (if you are one of the lucky ones, I envy you!) brows are super tricky and time consuming.  However, I wouldn’t skip them if you paid me.  If you spend time filling in your brows, then you understand what a huge impact it has on your overall final look!  I have tried every brow product under the sun, and… Anastasia Beverly Hills, I want to thank you.  If it weren’t for you, my brows would not be who they are today.  On my basic makeup days the look stays pretty simple.  I reach for one of my favorite palettes, its fastest because a handful of colors are at your fingertips.  Believe it or not I am not a huge snob when it comes to mascara.  I was blessed with pretty good lashes, that aside I have found some holy grail mascaras at the drugstore (why spend extra money when you don’t have  too), not to say that there aren’t some mind-blowing high end ones as well!

Contouring, Gel liner, Color correcting, don’t get me wrong I love all these steps…….  However, not when I’m talking about my easy, everyday makeup.  A great cool tone bronzer with out a lot of shimmer is a perfect alternative.  I use the bronzer to frame my face and give a sun kissed look.  As long as the bronzer doesn’t have an orange undertone I’ll swipe it in the contour.  My next step is a quick brush of blush over the apples of my cheeks.  I try to keep it to a subtle shade with a little shimmer to give me color and accentuate the highpoint.  This routine can be done in five minutes or so. Once you have found the products you love, half the battle is over.  When you do a very tasteful simple look like this, you have two options:  1. Apply your favorite sheer gloss or all time YLBB (Your Lips But Better) color  OR  2. Throw all the POP of color, that statement red, the super bright coral, how about the purple you have been dying to rock.  Whatever you choose to do, this look just helps showcase your own beauty.  Aside from makeup a BIG SMILE & KINDNESS will take this look up another NOTCH!!

Here are my go-to’s on my everyday makeup routine, simply click on the product to purchase!


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