23 Week Bump Update Baby #3

23 weeks pregnancy bump update

Well, here we are again! Hahah, I could have sworn my last bump update with Madelyn was surely it. So this week marks 23 weeks pregnant…..which is absolutely crazy. This pregnancy is going by exceptionally fast. All the hustle of the holidays and having Madelyn to chase around has made these past 5 months fly. The initial shock of having two under two has passed and we are so EXCITED to meet baby B.


23 week pregnancy bump update

How far along Are you?

I am currently 23 weeks – Baby is the size of a grapefruit. Currently 6 months pregnant and the baby weights around 1 pound. Pregnancy time frames still confuse me since you are actually pregnant for 1o months. Baby B will be making his/her appearance sometime in the middle of May. Mason and Madelyn both came at 39 weeks.  I feel like May is such a great time to have a baby. With all the nice weather and the beginning of  longer days, it couldn’t be more ideal.


What are you having & Baby names?

Just like with Madelyn we will not be finding out what we are having. There are so few good  surprises in life and we both really enjoyed it last time. Everyone always asks “but how can you do that” or “I’m too much of a planner”…..Once we made the decision it didn’t bother as at all, I love it. As far as planning, well I love my neutrals and you can have all the boy/girl pieces in your Amazon cart ready to go as soon as you deliver. It would literally be at your door before you even got home from the hospital. I typically buy a lot of cream and gray, then I purchased some boy hats and bows for girls to bring with us in our hospital bag.

We think we have our names! Brian makes it pretty easy since he usually only likes one or two of the same names as I do. People keep asking ..”Are you sticking with the M theme?” I used to hate when people did that. I thought why limit yourself to just one letter, just name them what you love, you will have to wait and see.

23 week pregnancy bump update


How are you feeling?

Ok, I don’t know if it’s age or chasing Madelyn but the past few months have we wiped out. It probably doesn’t help that Madelyn isn’t sleeping very good right now either. I have felt more tired these past weeks then I have my whole first trimester. Other than being tired I must say I am pretty lucky. I never get sick, and I’m able to do everything I did prior to pregnancy. My workouts have definitely taken a slump. My endurance is way down and so is my strength. But I continue to go 5-6 times a week and hope to throughout my pregnancy.


Current Cravings?

Well, what am I not craving? My biggest problem now is, if I see something I need it. If you share a piece of pizza on IG …want it. Drive by a Chick Fila…must have it. Since I have been pregnant more these past two years than I haven’t been, I have learned to keep my cravings at bay. I don’t give in quite as easily. I haven’t come across anything this time around that I couldn’t live without.

23 week pregnancy bump update


Food Aversions?

Thank goodness this time around I can stomach coffee…biggest down fall of my last pregnancy. My biggest aversion is the Trader Joe’s orange chicken. Im not even sure why. Things I ate in my first trimester make my stomach turn. Pumpkin Spice lattes…no thank you! With Madelyn I  was not a huge fan of sweets but this time around I’m all about them….does that mean girl??

Exercise Routine?

I have continued to get my workouts in 5-6 x’s a week. My HIT cardio and running has been switched to a 3-4 mile walk.  Strength training has been cut back to short workouts and less weight. You naturally lose muscle mass and your body fat increases during pregnancy. The baby is currently sitting in a position which makes my left side go numb. I know how incredibly hard it is to put in the work to only see the weight on the scale go up and no actual gains, If you do not have an scale, visit scaleszen.com and get one now. I know  remaining active  will help in so many ways. Especially during delivery and postpartum.

23 week pregnancy bump update

Body Changes?

Well, I notice the body changes are happening much sooner. Probably due to the fact that my body didn’t completely heal from Madelyn. The hip pain is real. It seems like the first trimester I always seem to gain more weight than the second. I notice that my stomach is having those constant tingling feeling from the stretching. Im actually surprised that I haven’t popped sooner. My bra size has certainly doubled which is something I find to be really uncomfortable. This might also be TMI but like I mentioned earlier with the babies position, it is creating my right lower half to go numb and leaving the back of my leg all black and blue.

23 week pregnancy bump update

Ok, so I know these can get a little redundant especially if nothing really changes week to week…but you guys really seem to like them!  What are some other pregnancy questions I can answer for you? You gave me some good suggestions for further posts, but I would also love to help answer some of your most FAQ’s regarding pregnancy, new mommas, infant life….

Hope you guys enjoyed the first bump update for baby Burke #3. We are actually heading to an ultrasound today. Can’t wait to see that sweet face!



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