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 How am I writing what might be my last pregnancy bump update?? It is absolutely crazy to me how fast (also how slow) these nine months have gone by! I thought if I could make it through the summer then September would fly by…..boy, was I wrong. Each week seems to go by slower and slower. It probably has to do with the discomfort and anticipation to meet our sweet baby. Im not gonna lie, I would be ok with going early but I also know the longer Baby B is in there is probably for the better. That hasn’t stopped me from reading up on all the labor inducing hacks either…….The next town over makes these pumpkin raviolis that seem to make many women go into labor! Personally, Im down for some pumpkin raviolis anyway and if baby makes its appearance thats just an added bonus!

How Far Along are you? I am due on October 15th. I am currently 37 weeks +2 days. Baby B is currently the size of a winter melon (whatever that is) and is 19-22 inches and 6.5 lbs. Last week they had me go in for an ultrasound because I was measuring small…..well, baby B is already 6.5 lbs.. Personally, I thought baby would be on the smaller side because Mason was only 6.7 at birth and my sisters and I were 5 lbs 9 oz.. It made me happy to hear incase I go early I know the baby is growing right on schedule.

What are you having and names? If you have been following along then you know we are waiting for D day to find out what we are having. I am leaning towards girl but always refer to the baby as a boy…can’t wait to find out! We have locked in our names. Brian made it easy since they were the only two we could agree on…hahah! I loved Sailor for a girl and Sawyer for a boy but Brian wasn’t having it. We went with my great grandmothers name if it’s a girl and the only boy name we both agreed on!

How are you feeling? All and all this pregnancy has been super easy with little complications…well, besides the crippling Charlie horses but those only happened twice. I haven’t experienced any nausea or swelling. However, this past week I have certainly noticed the 6.5 lbs I am carrying around and my belly has seemed to double in size. When I bend over I feel like a bowling ball is going to fall out. Getting comfortable is getting really hard but luckily I am still sleeping which is huge!!

Current cravings? My cravings have really subsided. I have such little room left in there that I can only eat a little at each sitting….but I am grazing ALL. DAY. LONG! I know how bad it is but diet coke is my main craving currently. I am also loving P.B. and cookie butter toast, edamame, pumpkin oatmeal and soup & salad! Almost forgot to mention my love affair with water with crushed ice!! Chick-fil-A is also a regular occurance but the one close to us is currently under renovation. I think my postpartum body might actually thank me! I mean, how can you pass up those waffle fries & chocolate chip cookies!!

Food Aversions? Since high school I have drank coffee every morning. This pregnancy has completely changed me. I might have a Starbucks a few times a week but I never even finish half. Im so curious if I will go back to my coffee loving self once I deliver. Sweets just really aren’t my thing either which is both shocking for my huge sweet tooth and totally not the pregnancy norm.

Exercise Routine? I stopped hitting the gym about 3 months ago. Personally the stares and judgement made me uncomfortable. Every morning I wake up at 5 and head out for a walk. I try to do 3 miles. the past few morning have been too cold so I might start walking before dinner. The fact that I have kept moving this whole pregnancy has been a huge help with steady weight gain and comfort. I have gained a total of 23 lbs so far.

Body Changes? The growing bump and boobs tend to be the biggest change. My lips are swelling which is kinda a cool pregnancy plus! My walk has started to shift to waddle which I personally hate. My stomach is stretching and it’s super itchy and burns. So far so good with no additional stretch marks from the ones I already had. My skin has also really cleared up since I went for my facial at Andrew Michaels with Esther and switching over to Tula products. I will do an updated skincare post soon.

Since this is probably my last bump update I wanted to stress how much I have enjoyed sharing these baby posts with you all. Some of these posts are my most read blog posts to date. Carrying a baby for  10 months is not easy task and I love all the fellow pregnant followers I have connected with. All your kind words on my IG posts have made my day. I know this space began as a fashion & beauty blog however I am loving to watch it grow with me (literally haha). Affordable fashion and sharing great finds and sales will always be the main category of LLP but plan to continue to share my growing family with you all.

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