BRING ON 2020 – Surprise, Party of 5

Happy 2020, EVERYONE

Hope everyone had a fun & safe New Year. It is only the first day of 2020, but we already have one big blessing to celebrate – SURPRISE…..Burke party of 5! I have been keeping this secret, and hiding this bump for way too long – 21 weeks. I still can’t believe I am writing these words. I am so excited, tired, scared, and BLESSED!

So, lets just say we were as surprised as you probably are. We whole heartily felt like our family was complete after Madelyn…God had different plans and I trust what he has in store for us. To be honest, I took so long to announce since it was such a shock. We found out 3 months in when the thought of coffee made me ill – Yes, that was the only sign I had, haha! I would be lying if I  said it was all pure joy when I saw the results but now I can’t imagine our life without this new addition. Brian and I had made the decision that we were done and accepted that every one of Madelyn’s Firsts – First word, First steps….were going to be our lasts.

“A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty” – Author Unknown

 Sometimes life gives you what you need without you even knowing you were missing it. I feel this is what God has done. To watch Madelyn grow up with a sibling so close is going to bring us so much joy. Mason is such an amazing older brother and I can’t wait to watch him love and nurture this baby like he has Madelyn. Even though the next 3 years will be one big game of survival, I have never been so ready for our family to grow.

Since we are already half way through I know I will get this question – What are you having?? Just like with Madelyn we will not be finding out. There is so few surprises in life and we really enjoyed the experience last time.

The pregnancy over all has been really easy. Like I said earlier, I have experienced no morning sickness or exhaustion. Well, maybe I have been exhausted but having a 1 year old can also do that to you. The gym sessions have remained pretty steady. I go about 5 times a week still but have noticed a slump in my endurance and strength. With my last pregnancy I was self conscious about going to the gym. I made the promise to myself to not let that stop me this time around.

I know with my previous pregnancy some of my most read blog posts were bump updates. I will get one up next week recapping my first trimester and the start of my second. Today I wanted to focus on announcing our new addition to the LLP FAM! I still can’t believe I was able to go this long without telling. At least once a day  I would record a story and be like ” Shoot, I can’t say that”! I also can’t fit into anything besides leggings and one pair of jeans sooo… was time.

I know I will receive an outpouring of love and support from you all…THANK YOU! As scared as I am to have two children under 2, I also know these will be some of the best most loved filled years of our lives. Their is no doubt that 2020 will be an adventure and we are so over the moon for this new chapter for craziness!



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