Back to School with Walmart

Back to school with Walmart fashion

Hello, busy parents! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I hate to say it, but it’s time to start planning for back to school. There is no doubt this year will look different than it has from previous years. There is a lot of uncertainly around what this year might look like. You know what? Whatever decision you make, you made the RIGHT decision and that’s what matters! So let’s embrace this fresh start and kick the school year off right. Let’s make preparing easy with Walmart fashion. Walmart has everything you need from affordable fashion and school supply lists.


back to school with walmart fashion

With all the changes I think it’s more important than ever to get them excited for the year. We are making sure to follow through with all our start of school traditions like new clothes and backpack. I was so happy to check so much off our list with Walmart fashion. We scored tons of pieces that Mason is happy to show off, and little Madelyn couldn’t miss out on the fun either. Im very pleased with all the cute piece I snagged for the kiddos.

Back to school with Walmart

First, if you have a child around my sons age then you know the Fortnite obsession is real! Mason saw the Fortnite backpack and was sold. The quality is great and will hold everything he could possibly need for under $15. They had tons of options in their character shop from Jurassic park to Peppa pig. They literally had it all. Before I had Madelyn I swore I wouldn’t do all the pink and sparkle – well here we are! She LOVES her choice and is so proud of her backpack that is only $10. It might be a little too big for her, but how can you resist that smile?

back to school with walmart

Whether we are heading to school or remote learning I think it’s incredibly important to have a routine. The routine for us will include; eating breakfast, brushing teeth and getting ready for the day. I wanted to fill their back to school wardrobe with pieces that they would love to put on, and be comfortable. Walmart fashion has everything from activewear to school uniforms approved pieces  for all ages at unbeatable prices! You can also visit some trusted sites to find the best uniforms suited for your kids.

back to school with Walmart

As parents we have a lot of decisions to make for our family this fall, let’s not make school shopping one of them. With Walmart fashion your child will be ready to take on the school year in full force with one easy convenient stop. They also offer 2- day shipping on many items, as well as curbside pick up. I’m excited to see these kids get back into a routine and rock their new school looks. Hope everyone enjoys this last weeks of summer.


back to school with walmart



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