Back to School with Scotties Tissues

Back to school with Scotties triple soft tissue

Ok, where did the summer go? How is your household transitioning back to school? We are certainly having our struggles over here. I mean, let’s be honest it’s been a hard transition for all of us. The early mornings and all the running around. I feel like I’m living in my car.

Scotties Triple Soft tissue

One thing we did tackle like pros was the back to school list. I don’t know why but it’s always one of my favorite things to do. We always make it a point to help the teacher out with their wishlists as well. One item that is a must is scotties Triple Soft Tissues. After using these for the past few years…..well, I will never purchase anything else.

scotties triple soft tissueThe Scotties Triple Soft Tissues work incredible with all the fall runny noses in this house. Another reason why they are hands down my favorite is the cute decorative boxes that look great around the home. They have a bunch for fun patterns. My kids like to fight over what print we use yet…they will literally find anything to fight over!

scotties triple soft tissue

If you follow along then you know my deep love for fall…like, I really love fall! However, I could certainly go without the runny noses and allergies. This fall ragweed has hit us hard making us so thankful for Scotties Triple Soft Tissue.

Scotties Triple soft tissue

See even the babies love them. They would pull the tissues out all day…easily entertained. Ok, so if you want to make sure your kids are all geared up and ready for back to school make sure to grab Scotties Triple Soft Tissues! If you want to make a teachers day I totally recommend grabbing a few for the classroom as well.

I hope everyone is adjusting well and has an amazing school year 

Thank you Scotties Tissues for sponsoring this post!



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