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Back to School with Nordstrom Rack

Hope everyone is having a great week! We are finally getting into the swing of back to school and all the activities. The transition can be a little overwhelming but it is seriously my favorite time of year. I love the weather, the season and especially the fashion. Fall fashion is my absolute favorite to for the family & I.

Back to school means it is about to get a little more hectic, especially mornings! The early morning of finishing up homework, packing lunches and getting ready for the day. How many times do you have to say “Get your shoes on”? I know I am not the only one struggling with these back to school mornings. So today on the blog I am sharing my 5 tips for easier school mornings.


Back to school with Nordstrom Rack

Back to School with Nordstrom Rack

Back to School With Nordstrom Rack

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Back to school with Nordstrom Rack

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Back to school with Nordstrom Rack \ Tips for an easier morning

If someone was to ask me what the most stressful part of our morning routine is, I would probably say picking out Masons outfit. I thought boys would be easier – guess I was wrong! He has a lot of restrictions when it comes to what he will wear and something we are constantly fighting over. This year I let him pick out his own pieces for back to school at Nordstrom Rack & Hautelook.  This has been very helpful since he love what he has in his closet and they are all Mommy approved.

5 Tips For Easier School Mornings!

  1. Have your child ( or yourself) pick out and lay their outfit out for the next morning. Include everything they need – socks, hat, jacket etc. Make sure you show them and let them see what they will be wearings so their is no surprises in the morning.
  2. Absolutely no screen time before school! Im guilty of this but have noticed what a smoother  morning we have without adding it to the mix. It is to over stimulating and is always a struggling pulling him away from it.
  3. We have a snack draw with all mom approved snacks. Each morning after they are dressed I have them grab a snack for morning snack at school. This is great because it allows them to make some decisions for their day. It also helps cross another step off the morning to-do list. They also love the independence.
  4. Wake them up at the same time every morning. Mason usually gets up a little before six and if he isn’t awake by 6:15 I will go get him. This sets his internal clock and wake up is much easier. No struggling with “5 more minutes, Mom”.
  5. DRINK ALL THE COFFEE! Seriously, I wake up around 5 so I have an hour before they get up to drink my coffee in peace. This me time helps me stay focused and on top of what has to be done to get out of the door. When you are ready to tackle the morning routine it makes it much easier for both you and the kids.

Hope those tips were helpful! I feel like we are finally getting this crazy weekday routine down. However, the clothing struggle is still in full swing. Mason did have tons of luck at Nordstrom Rack which makes me very happy since it is one of my favorite stores to shop for the family. They have all the name brands we love at such great prices #winning. You can check out all their amazing deals (HERE)


Thank you Nordstrom Rack for sponsoring this post!







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