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Happy Thursday! So sorry about missing Tuesday’s post…school vacation week has gotten the best of me, is it Monday yet?? I feel like my Moto should be “Spends all her free time shopping Amazon prime”! I mean, what can’t you find on Amazon? Today I am sharing some of my recent Amazon purchases. Many of these items I heard my blogger friends rave about and knew, well, I had to have it! I have had so many requests for Amazon finds and clothing hauls,so I’m so happy to be finally getting this up for you. Next week on my Instagram I will be doing a huge Amazon try-on for you all.


  1. 3 Drawer Acrylic Sunglass Holder – I never knew how much I needed this. I can’t tell you how many pairs of sunglasses I have scratched or ruined from not storing them properly. It also looks really cute on my accessory shelves in my closet.
  2. Chloe Dupe Sunglasses – I am loving these and can’t believe they are only $10. So many of you girls purchased these and told me how much you like them too. If I am ever eyeing a designer pair I always take to amazon first to see if they have a dupe! Gotta love Amazon!
  3. Baby Bows – I have purchased WAY too many baby bows from Amazon. That 1-click checkout is dangerous, am I right?! These bows are great quality and never leave marks on her head.
  4. Pure Enrichment Steamer – Trust me when I say, I don’t know how I lived so long without a steamer? Seriously, what was I thinking? This one is under $30 and works great. This caught my eye when another blogger talked about it.
  5. The Miracle TimeCube Timer – This has been such a great tool for helping me stay focused and productive during the day. I choose a task and how much time I would like to spend on it. It helps me from not losing myself on Instagram or whatever it might be…..maybe, Amazon??
  6. IPhone Tripod – I have needed one of these for so long. How many times have I had to film a tutorial etc. on a stack of books? This one had amazing reviews and under $10. I have also used this for Instagram pictures when no one is around to snap my pic.
  7. Laptop cover & Keyboard Case – I needed to replace my old marble case that was cracked. So of course, I took to Amazon and up popped this beauty. I love that it also comes with a  screen protector and keyboard cover. This also comes in a ton of color options.
  8. Gold Love Bracelet – I love this inspired Cartier bracelet. It’s so cute and steady. If you are looking for any inspired pieces Amazon has them all. Make sure to look at the reviews though!
  9. Velvet Hangers – If you are using anything but velvet hangers…STOP what you’re doing and grab these. The clothes stay on the hangers so much better. I love the blush color because it matches my color scheme.
  10. Baby Moccasins – I am always skeptical when I find cute pieces for cheap. However, these didn’t disappoint. They are under $20 and couldn’t be cuter on Madelyn’s little feet. Like I said before, always take to the reviews and images.
  11. Make-up Bag – I totally snagged this per recommendation from my girl Anna at BlushingRoseStyle. It holds a ton and the dividers are removable. If pink isn’t your thing they also have a black version.
  12. YETI – I know, I am always raving about this cup…Because it’s that good! If you are a mom then you know the struggle of cold coffee, or the constant trip to the microwave for a reheat. This was one of my top sellers this holiday season.
  13. Waffle Knit Tunic – I was so hesitate to buy clothing off Amazon. However, I am purchased numerous pieces and most of them are really cute. This top is comes in a ton of colors and under $20.

Well guys, thats a wrap! I am constantly purchasing from Amazon so I will be sure to share my newest finds with you all as well.


My name is Gretchen Michelle. A fashionista, coffee lover and mom who believes in living life to it's prettiest potential through fashion, beauty, and health.

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