36 Week Bumpdate

36 week bumpdate

I know, this bumpdate is overdue! However, life just hasn’t been the same and I know we are all feeling the effects. The first time I started working on this I let me anxiety take over. With each passing day it’s getting easier and I feel much more in control. When I read this months, years down the road…I want to remember how crazy it was having a baby during a Pandemic. However, I also want to remember the slow mornings as a family, Brian being home everyday, the discussions at dinner. I want to remember that I was strong (most of the time), and life was different but we knew their were better days head….Like the day I will meet our sweet baby. The baby that will complete our family and make us whole.

36 week bumpdate

Just like the Pandemic, L&D rules are changing daily. I try to remind myself that it is beyond my control and whatever the circumstances are when it’s time to welcome Baby into the world will be what it is. The thought of delivering alone without my husband scares me…I also know the L&D nurses, doctors and staff will do their best and I trust them completely. The fear of leaving my two children for the first time in months gives me so much anxiety, and having to enter a hospital with COVID19 patients is very unsettling. Having my family meet our baby through glass windows….this is not NORMAL. This is not FAIR. This is not how I planned to bring our baby into this world….but it will happen and we will make the best of it and cherish it always.

36 week bumpdate

Those were the thoughts and feelings that flooded my heads the first few weeks but I have a much better, brighter perspective now. This baby will bring so much joy and love during this uncertain time. Years down the road I will tell stories to my grandchildren how I delivered during a pandemic and what it was like. We thought Madelyn was our last baby and God had different plans. Not only did he give us the most amazing gift in the world, God also believed I had the strength to deliver during this time.36 week bumpdate

How far along are you?

I am currently 36 weeks. Baby is as big as a bunch of Kale and I’m certainly feeling it. The baby is currently about 18 inches and a little over 6 pounds. We have less than a month and I have never felt so unprepared. We got rid of so much since we thought Madelyn was our last baby. Mason and Madelyn both came at 39 weeks which give me less than 3 weeks to get myself ready!

What am I having & Baby names?

As most of you probably know – we are team green. We actually didn’t find out with Madelyn either. The last few weeks I was certain that Madelyn would be a boy. So certain I forgot to ask the sex once I delivered. Brian claimed I was mad when he told me. I explained that I was just shocked and had just been awake for 36 hours straight HAHA. My gut tells me this baby will be a boy. I’m not exactly sure why. We have finally decided on names for both boy and girl (I think). We will be waiting to announce. Everyone asks if we are sticking with M names…you will have to wait and see!

How are you feeling?

Awful….I know, I hate to complain but these past two weeks have been so incredibly hard physically and mentally! I’m not sure if it is age or third pregnancy but this one is tough. Thank goodness Brian is home because I’m not really sure I could do it alone right now. Madelyn is so active and I have a hard time getting around. Pregnancy isn’t my jam anyway…I have never been one of those gals that love it. However, their are 3-4 weeks left and I’m going to try to enjoy it as much as possible.

Currently Craving?

So, the worst about pregnancy cravings during a pandemic is not being able to make your husband run out when you really want something. Due to that…fried pickles and fried clams would be at the top of my list if I could currently be eating anything! However, since we are stuck with what we grab every few weeks from the grocery store; Jello, orange juice, and pretzels. Orangina has been one of my favorite juices to drink this semester. So, if you’re interested in Orangina, you can find their website here. We haven’t gotten any takeout since this all began but I can promise you that a turkey sub and sushi will be getting devoured shortly after delivery!

Food Aversions?

Come my third trimester my food aversions subside. The first 12 weeks are always the worst. Coffee is usually the first thing that turns my stomach. Even in my 36 week I can only stomach one small cup of coffee in the morning. What actually made me take a test this time was shortly leaving the grocery store I pulled into Starbucks drive thru……Half way in, the thought made me ill. I literally went right to the store to grab a test.

Exercise Routine?

I hate to report I have been slacking since this quarantine started. Due to the pressure and varicose veins in my legs I haven’t been able to get moving to much. Olivia Ostrom has some great at home workouts that I have been doing here and there. I can’t wait to get back at it after delivery. We have decided to purchase a Peleton and I’m so excited. Let’s just hope I can find the time to get some rides in.

36 week bumpdate

We still can’t believe we will have 2 under 2 in just a few weeks. It scares me especially since I won’t have all my family to help me. I was sure these last few months would drag due to quarantine but it has actually flown by…..and I need to add a few final things to my Hospital bag. All though the no visitors for a while will be hard, it will be nice to bond one on one with the new baby. As of right now Brian is still able to be in the delivery room with me and that’s all that matters. Since this is my final bump date ever; Thank you all for your support and help through this journey. Can’t wait to introduce you to the new baby! So, what do you think it will be?





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