BumpUpdate – 31 WEEKS

31 week Bump Update 31 Week Bump Update31 Week Bump Update31 Week Bump Update31 Week Bump UpdateWOW, how am I already writing my 31 week bump update?? You guys have all been so supportive and I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement and kind words. Im currently at this strange place in my pregnancy where I am so ready to have this baby, yet not ready at all if you know what I mean! If you know me, then you know I am the biggest procrastionator….like really!!

As I reach the end of my pregnancy I am flooded with so many emotions. I would be lying if I said they were all good. Being a mother is scary…PERIOD! Another life is dependant on you 24/7. No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes and learn as we go. Let’s get real, I might already fall under the “bad mom” category – I am drinking way to much diet coke! What I do know is this – No matter the uncertainties that consume me now, they will all be replaced with love, that amazing unconditional LOVE when I hold my baby for the first time!

Before I get into the bump update I wanted to quickly talk about my black midi dress and cardigan. They are from Trend Boutique Cincinnati and I have not stopped wearing this piece. It is non-maternity and can be dressed up or down. The boutique has so many great fall options. You can check them out on Instagram here.

How far along: I am currently going on 32 weeks! Crazy, to think how fast this pregnancy has gone by. The baby is currently the size of a head of romaine lettuce or coconut; 17 inches & 3.5lbs. Mason was only 6.7 so I am curious as to what this bundle might be. My due date is October 15th.

What we are having & baby names: We are still holding strong about not finding out. I will say, I would love to purchase something pink or blue. Currently have an over abundance of gray.  However, I am so excited to have Brian annouce the sex in the delivery room. As far as names, I think we have our two top contenders. The girl name is a family name, and they both start with the same letter (thats all im saying)!

How am I feeling: I can’t complain too much….well, exactly that’s all I do! Haha, I am just not one of those ladies who enjoys pregnancy – I wish I was! I feel tired, and uncomfortable most of the day and my nesting has set in like no other. I don’t remember it being so bad with Mason. I’m like “who put the mustard on the second shelf?….. IT GOES ON THE FIRST”!  My family pretty much fears me at this point and I don’t blame them.  This week I have an ultasound because I am measuring small. The baby is very low with alot of pressure and they want to make sure I’m not leaking amnotic fluid.

My current craving: Believe it or not they have almost subsided this last trimester. Well, except for my  McDonald’s diet coke. Im able to eat some things that I couldn’t in the previous months like ice cream & peanut butter. My appetite seems to be much smaller than before and I’m sure that it due to lack of room.

Aversions: I know, I say it every time….COFFEE! One might think due to all the coffee cups I hold in my Instagram pictures that I’m lying. Most of the time I steal my sisters so I have something to do with my akward hand. My desire for sweets is way down. Things I used to love, I now find sickly sweet. However, bring on all the PSL’s!!

Exercise Routine: Walk to fridge, back to couch! Haha, well almost. I haven’t been hitting the gym like I was at 25 weeks. The pressure is really bad down there and walking is about all I can do. Every mornning I head out for a 3 mile walk around the neighborhood. I enjoy it so much and feel like I am helping to keep the weight gain in check. I have some light weights that I do most days of the week to help with my arm strength! Those baby carriers are no joke!

Body Changes: The bump has officially taken over. People are finally starting to ask “when are you due” which makes me happy. Prior I felt like people thought I had overeaten. The third trimester has definitely left me much more tired, irritable, and kind grumpy. I havent experienced any swelling yet. Many women have trouble sleeping and luckily that has not been the case. It probably means I will have a baby that doesnt sleep through the night for 4 years (insert scared emoji). Another reason is I don’t nap during the day. I’ll take a break and relax but that’s about it.

Favorite products so far:

  • Nursing Bralette – I have been wearing supportive bralettes much of my pregnancy since I find them much more comfortable. I do plan to breast feed and have started to stock up on these cute lace nursing bralettes from Amazon.
  • DOCKATOT – I am so excited for this product! Everyone who has one absolutely loves it. It is so light to move around, and to keep the baby safe when you need your hands free. Since we are waiting to find out the sex, I went with the marble cover but they have so many options.
  • Barrington St. Anne tote – I will be using this for my hospital bag (full post to come) and also after. You could add a tote divider and use this as your diaper bag as well. The size fits everything you could ever need. These totes come in tons of prints and can be monogrammed.
  • Dr. Brown’s– This was the most popular brand when Mason was born. They are still loved amongest moms and pediatricans. I know every baby has a different preference but wanted to start with this tried and true first bottle first.
  • Halo bassinet – After many moms recommendations and shifting through tons of reviews this seems to be one everyone loves. Can’t wait to put baby B in it!
  • Chicco 2fit carseat – Chicco was so nice to send this over. I hadn’t looked into carseats yet, and when I went to check it out it was Top Rated on Amazon – gotta love that!
  • Pregnancy Pillow – Lifesaver…seriously! I drag this thing all over the house with me. My only regret is not grabbing it sooner in my pregnancy.
  • YETI – Water will be your best friend during pregnancy, during birth and to help with that milk supply after. I love this cup! The ice literally stays all day -even in a hot car.
  • Ingrid & Isabel belly band – I waited too long to pick this up. I love how comfortable this one is and it allows me to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans.
  • Britax Pathway Stroller – Britax sent this over. You can turn this into a travel system as well. I have had many Britax carseats and loved the brand as a whole. Stroller is supper lightweight.

If your still here, you’re the best! I know it was a long one but these bump update posts are some of my most read and want to make sure it is informational for you all. The baby posts will be much more frequent from here on out. This week I finally finished my Baby Registry and will be sharing that as well. If you are expecting let me know how your feeling and how far along you are in the comments section below. Love connecting with you all.


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