Back to School with Scotties Tissues

Ok, where did the summer go? How is your household transitioning back to school? We are certainly having our struggles over here. I mean, let’s be honest it’s been a hard transition for all of us. The early mornings and…

Walmart Fashion – Summer Staples

Happy Monday! I know most people hate Mondays, however I kinda love the fresh start. For some strange reason Thursday was always my favorite day of the week growing up. Do you love or dislike Monday?? Honestly, grab an extra coffee and crush this week, girl…You got this!! The summer…

Summer Snackin’ with Monster Pop

Well, we made it!  After the incredibly hard school year we all endured we should all give ourselves a little pat on the back! No more morning rush, night time homework, or lost library books……we have moved on to professional snack hander-outers! Am I right? These kids eat a lot…


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Tis the Season with Scotties Facial Tissue

Tis the season! In our home we are currently struggling with allergies, sneezing, and postpartum hormones….pass the tissues! What makes you feel like you are really crushing the #adulting aspect of life? For me, it’s getting excited over new appliances, using an eye cream, and…