Memorial Day Sales Round Up

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Can you believe we actually made it?? Well, here we are. I know I am so excited for the nice weather and amazing sales…which I will certainly be shopping myself. This summer I actually have somethings…

Affordable Swimsuits

Hey…long time no talk! Summer is almost here (Can I have a few extra weeks please…Quarantine??) and I personally have never been so happy to see it. Who is ready for the beach…..I know….? I heard a quote once about how to have a beach and it has stuck with…

What 2020 Has Taught Me

STOP….Did someone just say 2020 is finally over?? I mean, not that I need a reason to dress up and celebrate, but what the actual heck was that? If 2020 had a Moto “Surviving, not thriving” should probably be it. Even though it was one dumpster fire after the next,…


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Tis the Season with Scotties Facial Tissue

Tis the season! In our home we are currently struggling with allergies, sneezing, and postpartum hormones….pass the tissues! What makes you feel like you are really crushing the #adulting aspect of life? For me, it’s getting excited over new appliances, using an eye cream, and…